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Its that time of year when competitors start to ask the question ' what shows shall I do" and most importantly "what will I wear? and what shoes should I buy?"

If you are one of those ladies uttering those questions then you're in the right place.  In this article we talk about what kind of shoes you should buy for your figure contest.


I get lots of emails asking about figure shoes all the time.  What style and what colour? are common questions.  But before I even answer that question, I ask athletes first if they really need to buy the fancy figure shoes at all.  Afterall, it might be the only contest that they do and for the usually $150+ pricetag on the shoes, you really have to weigh up the cost of getting new shoes that you might only wear once. 

You don't really need to go for the typical high heel clear shoe that you see most seasoned athletes wearing for your first comp, instead a nice pair of heels or stilletoes will suffice and if you get the bug, then you should consider getting yourself some shoes if you are going to get seriously into the sport.  Alternatively you could always borrow someone's elses shoes for your comp if they're not using them.

But if you are really really really determined to look like the figure star at your novice comp then here are some tips you should consider before buying your shoes:


But if you are really really really determined to look like the figure star at your novice comp then here are some tips you should consider before buying your shoes:


1. Choose clear heels rather than a block colour.

Sometimes a block colour such as black or red can detract from your physique so we suggest you go with a clear colour so that the judges are concentrating looking at your physique - rather than your shoes! Clear shoes will also give appearance of extra height and us shorties need all the extra lift we can get.  Also important you don't wear shoes with a strap around the ankle as this can cut your feet away from your body making judges again focus on the shoes rather than your body.

2. Don't go for shoes that are too high (or low)

Whether you are in the short or tall class, it's important to choose a shoe that isn't going to put you out of proportion to the rest of the line up. Choose a shoe that will look right for your height.  But make sure that its at least 5" as this will help elongate your leg and gives you better presence and stance on stage.

3. Choose shoes that aren't too clunky or fine.

You need shoes that are going to help you feel balanced so look for shoes which have a good heel that is not too fine.  Platforms sometimes can be too clunky and make you walk awkwardly on stage - unless you've had hours of practice in them ofcourse!

4. Practice in your shoes weeks before the contest.

On contest day your heart's already going to be pumping and you don't need the 'wobbles' in your new shoes to add to the stress. You need to feel natural on your shoes so we can't stress enough the need for you to wear them as much as you can before contest day.  Practice walking around in the house in them and on different surfaces.  Also walk in front of your trainer or choreographer so they can give you feedback about your posture.

5. Choose something you like.

This is ofcourse the most important factor in choosing your shoes.Shoes are a big investment in your contest plans so it's imperative youchoose a style you like and comfortable wearing

6. Don't leave it to the last minute to order your shoes!

This is probbly the most important tip.  Don't wait till the last minute (or week) to buy or order your shoes. If you don't regularly wear high heel shoes you're going to need to practice walking in them - and most importantly practice posing in them!

Hope these tips have helped in your figure shoe shopping decision and I look forward to seeing your purchase on stage.

Lisa, Go Figure
February 2012

These were the most eyecatching shoes I'd seen
in 2011 by Sarah Simonsen!  She gave attention
to detail by also wearing a peacock feather
in her hair.

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