alt  We've all seen it where a guy stands up there on stage after putting hours and hours of effort (not to mention the $$$) into getting their body looking amazing to compete on stage, only to be let down by wearing ill-fitting posing trunks.

Guys, as you all know, the glute is a muscle so just as important as showing off your well-earned six pack, those huge freaky striated legs and the fantastic v taper that you have all worked so hard for, those glutes need to be shown off to their best advantage.



If you have striated glutes - simple... show them off. And I dont mean by pulling your trunks into your crack when you do your back poses - get trunks that show off those striations for you when you are doing your back and side poses.
alt  The right cut/style for your body will indeed show off your best features but also can hide those features that are perhaps not so good.

Guys that have lost quite a lot of body weight in their journey to get up on stage can quite often be faced with some loose/excess skin - the correct posing trunks, for this body, can help disguise this area, whether the loose skin be around the lower abs or the back.

The height of trunks (how low or high they sit on your back and front) can greatly effect the symmetry of the bodybuilder. If you are quite long in the back, compared to your leg length, it can help to help to have the trunks sitting a little higher up the back and vice versa if your back is short in comparison to your leg length.
Also a very common problem with guys trunks is that they wear the trunks too low on their hips. For those that remember speedos... its not like wearing speedos - you actually have to pull them up so that they are sitting slightly higher on the hips - assisting to create the v taper look. 

A word on color... many guys go for black (or dark colors) posing trunks - probably a very safe option and good if you are inclined to get tan on them as it wont show much at all.
If you are really wanting to go with another color that isnt a dark color, say red or mid blue, please make sure you dont get tan on them as this can look pretty awful on stage.

Presentation on stage is important and just as you should be posing to show off your body to look its best, its also important that those trunks are looking good on you and not covered in tan.

Guys, you can go for fabric with a bit of sparkle or shine (wet-look fabric) in it if you want to - but if you want to go quite blingy maybe save these ones for the nite show just so they're not too distracting during pre-judging.

Many guys are freaking out at the thought of wearing undies up on a stage in front of your family and friends!!!

But hey, if you're going to do it just make sure they look good on you and you get trunks that fit you correctly.

Ali Gascoine, Ali GZ bikinis
March 2012

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