At many shows we notice that some athletes tend to over rotate to the front of stage in the quarter turn - when their body and head should remain focused to the side of stage.

So in an attempt to help you understand what the judges mean and make the judges a wee bit happier in the process, we had former Go Figure Supergirl Sheta Hall modelling the poses for us. In hindsight I should've asked her to bring heels to pose in. Oh well, hope you get the jist of what we're trying to get at anyway.

NB. I am the first to admit that I'm not a judge or a posing 'guru' but I've seen plenty of shows and posing, so I've tried my best to portray what the judges want. I realise some of the poses below may not be exact so please don't shoot me! But judges, feel free to email and correct above or write any pointers about the poses.


Click pics to enlarge


The Quarter Turns

Face the front

Quarter turn to right

Face the rear

Quarter turn to right

Above Correct Structural poses. As you can see in above pics, in Sheta's quarter turns she keeps her head and body in the direction her legs are facing.

Below Incorrect Structural poses. In the quarter turns below, you can see that when Sheta's turned to face the side of stage, instead of keeping her body straight, she's twisted her upper body so that both her shoulders are facing the judges. She's also done this when she faces left side of stage. The reason why judges don't like you to twist your upper body around is that they don't see your true symmetry and muscle balance. Because if you twist around, you can see that you automatically have a V taper - which might not be there if you hadn't twist.

The feet. Please note that both feet should be on the ground in symmetry poses. As Sheta didn't bring her high heels, we pretender she was in heels hence her heels were up. But definitely keep your heels on the ground in this round!





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