Ruby of Ruby Waxx
Beauty Therapy and Richie Hardcore

at his virgin waxxing

You've put in hours in the gym getting into great condition so you can finally step on stage in your best shape ever.  You want to take any advantage to make your abs look more ripped and legs have those extra freaky lines.  Shaving or waxing can help your definition shine through. 

But shaving your body can take a long time so guys, have you thought about waxing?

We wanted to do a story on a male bodybuilder having a wax but no one stepped forward.  However Richie Hardcore, a tattooed vegetarian muay thai boxer who's also a DJ (yes I know an interesting story on his own!) volunteered his arms for our demonstration.

Richie had never had a wax before and wasn't sure if he could handle the initial pain. After a couple of rips from Ruby, the pain lessened and before he knew it all of his arm hairs were off in 15mins! Richie was impressed with how tattoos looked brighter so no doubt he'll be back for more.

Apart from the brighter colour, waxing also brings out the definition in his muscles which would be very beneficial to a bodybuilder.  Other advantage of waxing over shaving is that waxing lasts around 4 to 5 weeks before regrowth and hair is not as thick when it grows back.

So guys, and girls, if you want to have less hassels leading up to a show, maybe try waxing a couple of weeks out from show so you can have more time in the last week for all the other things you have to do like mastering your poses and smiling!

July 2012


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