I often get emails from people who are interested in competing in a bodybuilding/figure show and wondered how much the whole process would cost.

So I thought I would breakdown the cost of the expenses you'll need to incur based on a 12 week contest prep.  Now best to sit down and read this as you might fall down from the figures displayed!

Competing is not cheap but for many the investment is worthwhile when they see the new body revealed on stage.  Afterall its going to be the best you'll ever look and you can't put a price on that!

Heidi and Lisa
right pic: I prepared Heidi to compete via my online Super Body Personal Training programme which helped reduce Heidi's competition costs.


Cost of 12 week contest prep
Personal Trainer - based on once a week
$50-$70  600
Posing/Choreography - last 4 weeks
$30 - $50  120
Nutritionist - based on once a fortnight
$40- $60  240
Food - guesstimate per week
$150  1800
Supplements - guesstimate per week
$100  1200
$250-$1000  250
Spray Tan
Dream Tan
Hair and Make Up
Contest Registration Fee

Grand Total


  NB please note that all these above expenses are not all essential part of competition. However, it is a reminder that bodybuilding competition is an expensive 'sport' and you should be aware of the costs involved.

You may enlist the help of a friend to help you with a contest plan rather than paying for PT and/or nutritionist. Or perhaps consider an online trainer as this will reduce cost. You can also borrow shoes or just use high heels that are already in your cupboard.  You may also want to buy a second hand bikini to save costs that way.

Food and supplement costs will vary between girls and guys.  While guys may not need all the bling for contest day, they'd probably spent alot more money on food and supplements.

Hope this helps those who are still interested in competing and I look forward to seeing the result of your investment on stage!

Lisa, Go Figure
Personal Trainer

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