2010 was the year that NABBA/WFF first appeared on the NZ bodybuilding scene, and although it seems as it's come out of nowhere, it's an affiliation of two federations, each carrying it's own history.
Pic: NABBA WFF NZ President (left) Dave Smith with Graeme Lancefield International NABBA WFF Presdent.
Helping NABBA/WFF garner attention is the fact that some of NZ's top athletes have already strutted their stuff on the NABBA/WFF stage. Like many others curious athletes I wanted to find out more about this federation, it's history, philosophies and just what was attracting the athletes.

I was fortunate that the NABBA/WFF President Dave Smith was available to answer a few questions and give us some interesting facts on this federation:

It seems like NABBA/WFF is a relatively new federation, could you tell us to which international federation/s you belong?

Dave replies:

For those who are unfamiliar with NABBA/WFF, both are international body building, figure and fitness federations. They are separate organisations, but are affiliated, which provides additional benefits for members and competitors.

We are affiliated with NABBA and WFF international and we are the only federation in NZ who are endorsed by our parenting bodies to hold qualifying events for our NABBA/WFF international universe and world competitions.

NABBA is not a new federation. It is the first and original competitive bodybuilding association formed in 1950. Our roots are deeply entrenched on the international stage and we are very proud of this.

WFF historically began in 1968, beginning however from 1998 when it was officially registered under the name World Fitness Federation.

NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix 2010

Why was NABBA/WFF formed and what are the possible opportunities for athletes to enter international competition?

NABBA/WFF was formed to give athletes an opportunity to compete in a recognised international federation locally and to provide assistance for some of those to compete on an international stage.

On May 1st 2010, NABBA/WFF Australia supported by NABBA International, proudly announced the inaugural Christchurch Grand Prix Championships. Graeme Lancefield, the NABBA Australian and NABBA International President, sought to bring about change by ensuring that our athletes were acknowledged on a national and international platform. This change has continued to evolve.

NABBA Figure                     WFF Glamour                     WFF Men's Athletic

What is the difference between competing in the WFF as opposed to your NABBA ranks?

NABBA tends to cater to the more muscular physique, while WFF favours a more athletic look within its divisions, and also offers a Sports Model division. NABBA's divisions are determined by height only, where as WFF divisions are determined by both height and weight. The restrictions are strictly adhered to which ensures all competitors compete against athletes with the same physique type.

Are your competitions invitational only or can any register to compete?

All athletes must register to compete. There are no exceptions to this rule.
NOTE: It is important to understand that if you are not registered with NABBA/WFF NZ and have ambitions to compete on a NABBA/WFF international stage, any other international event that you have been chosen to represent New Zealand in, within NZ, will NOT be endorsed by NABBA/WFF international or NABBA/WFF NZ.

NABBA Physique                  NABBA Physique                  WFF Figure

Where do you project NABBA/WFF going in the next ten years?

In the next 10 years, NABBA/WFF projects a continued improvement within the federation. We want to form a partnership, and welcome a strong involvement from athletes who are wanting to participate, contribute, engage or become actively involved within the federation. Not only from a competitive level, but also from a grassroots factor by assisting in making decisions.

A big thanks to NABBA/WFF President Dave Smith for his time in answering these questions and hopefully that's cleared up most of the competitors' mystification about NABBA/WFF in NZ ( if you have any further enquiries please direct them to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Sarah Parr
January 2013

2013 NABBA WFF Contest Calendar
18 May: Christchurch Grand Prix
             Aurora Centre, Burnside High School,
            151 Greers Road, Burnside,Christchurch.
17 August: Pan Pacifics
31 August: Top of the South
14 Sept: Wellington
5 October: Nationals

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