Continuing with our the “NABBA/WFF” explained theme, I decided to get the inside perspective on what it's like to compete on a NABBA/WFF stage-as explained by one of the federations top current athletes;

Mark Anderson (
2011 Southern Hemisphere overall champion and 2nd place Mr World 2012), who is pictured here with Steve Orton -reigning NABBA WFF Mr NZ and Eastcoast muscle athlete!  
Mark gives us his insights on why he decided to compete NABBA/WFF in the first place, his personal gains/highlights and advice to other athletes considering competing in a show.

Why did you initially decide to compete on the NABBA/WFF stage?

I initially decided to compete on the NABBA/WFF stage for a couple of reasons!
First of all, I personally felt New Zealand needed a positive move forward in how shows were run and what regional shows could offer athletes as far as classes, support and a variety of options for competing internationally amongst the best athletes from around the world.
Secondly I needed another challenge with International competition. Since supporting NABBA/WFF I've competed in Australia and also Brazil and have found the level and competition at the highest level which drives me more than ever.

What do you personally gain from competing NABBA/WFF?

I personally gain a feeling of achievement and pride whether its national or International competition.
Nothing feels better than standing on stage representing your country.
I've also gained an awesome bunch of friends, the camaraderie is great!!!

What were the highlights of the competition for you?

The highlights for me would have to be competing at the Southern Hemispheres in May 2011 and placing 1st and then traveling to Brazil in June for the World champs and placing second, it was awesome traveling as a team.

What would you advise to other athletes curious about doing a NABBA/WFF show?

My advice for other athletes curious about competing for NABBA/WFF is simple...Talk to someone who can advise you on class criteria and" go for it" you will not be disappointed and will be one step further in achieving your goals.

So hopefully you now have a more complete concept of the NABBA/WFF NZ federation and what it's like to compete amongst the ranks there. For more information go to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and send in your queries.

Many thanks to the guys for both their contribution and photo!

Sarah Parr
24 January 2013

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