Since the last time we did a summary of the female bodybuilding classes in NZ years ago, so many new classes have popped up so I thought it would be a good idea to give you an overview of what's available to you and your bodytype in New Zealand right now. 

There are many options for you to choose from whether you're complete new to bodybuilding and taking up competing as part of your new body makeover or a seasoned weight training athlete challenging your body to step up to another level.  One of these classes is for you!

This is just a general overview of the classes so please if you require more information about the classes and posing involved please contact the organisation directly.


1. NZIFBB Bikini

2. NABBA Shape

3. NABBA WFF Glamour

1.  NZIFBB bikini
bodies are generally toned and not overmuscled with hard abs and a great booty.  You must also convey confidence and have that 'pop' on stage.

2. NABBA Shape.  You'll need to have some muscle tone with good symmetry and minimal striations and cuts.  You'll also be required to do compulsory poses and do a routine to music which is 50% of the score.

3. NABBA WFF Glamour.  Probably the most demanding of the 3 classes as you have 3 events during the contest including bikini, sportswear and glamour.  You'll need to have a toned athletic figure but again not overly muscled.


4. NZIFBB Figure

5. NABBA Figure

6. NABBA WFF Figure

4. NZIFBB Figure.  You'll need to have a feminine athletic figure with good hard muscle tone, low body fat but not heavily striated.  You'll be required to do quarter turns and you'll be judged on symmetry and muscle mass and tone.

5.  NABBA Figure.  You'll need to have a lean muscular figure with good symmetry.  You'll be doing symmetry round, compulsory poses and a posing routine. Atheltes are generally divided into short and tall class.

6. NABBA WFF Figure.  This class has a height and weight criteria and athletes generally have great conditioning with good muscle mass and low bodyfat, along with displaying good symmetry.  They'll need to do symmetry round, compulsory poses and posing routine.  Athletes are also divided into height classes.


7. NABBA WFF - NABBA Figure 8. NZIFBB Physique

7. NABBA WFF - NABBA Figure. There is no height weight criteria in the NABBA Figure section of NABBA WFF.  Athletes in this clasa are generally heavily muscled and lean, with some having striations in their glues - but not a criteria!

8. NZIFBB Physique.  This class is also generally heavily muscled and lean but unlike the bodybuilding class, they're alllowed to wear heels.



9. NZIFBB Bodybuilding 10. NABBA WFF Bodybuilding 11. NABBA Bodybuilding

9, 10 and 11
Thank goodness bodybuilding is still bodybuilding in all of the abovementioned federations.  In this classes judges require you to have muscle mass as the main goal combined with cuts and striations which complement your physique.

As you can see, there's definitely something for everyone.  Choose one of these classes and give it a go!  You might just see yourself on Go Figure motivating others to do it just like you.

Happy training!

Lisa, Go Figure
February 2013

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