Ali, Lisa and Gina
There's going to be alot of flash sparkly gorgeous bikinis (and bodies) strutting around the stage this year if the sneak peek of Ali G's bikini designs are anything to go by at her extravaganza at the Botanical Gardens held on Sunday 24 March.                  
Rachelle, Jess, Jo

Around 40 people got the chance to see some of Ali's new designs and sequinned suits which were superbly modelled by athletes Rachelle Vincent, Jess Coate and Johanna Mounfort. Who we must say are in great shape for so early in the season. The crowd 'oohed' and 'aahed ' as the models came out in the various cuts for figure and bikini classes.

While the athletes changed their bikinis, Ali gave the floor to Cheryl Jenkins from Shine Beauty who spoke about tanning. Cheryl kindly spraytanned Rachelle and Jo for the day while Sheta Swinerd did Jess's tan.  In another intermission, Gina talked about make up and her services on contest day and yes, even the photographer was pushed into talking about the our website and the Go Figure Pasta :)
Thank you Ali for putting on this show for us, it was a great chance for everyone to see your beautiful work while catching up with everyone at the start of another bodybuilding season.

If you're looking for a bikini for your contest make sure you email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get your bikini started early as we're sure she's going to have a super busy year!

Lisa, Go Figure

Check out the action from the event below.


Gina waves her make up magic wand over the Super Models
Johanna, Rachelle and Jess 
Ghissy and Ali  Ali also had shoes, hair pieces and extra bling for sale 
Priority One Team Rachelle and Cathy O
Fitness 247 team  Annette and Gladys  Gina and Brooke
 Lisa and Linda  Allan supplied a little eye candy  Helen and Fiona
Gina with the girls Jo with her bootiful clients
A great audience turned out to check out Ali G's latest bikini designs 
Yes everyone was envious of Jo's butt
Not a bad back posedown!

The Stars of the Show
 Rachelle, Jess and Johanna sparkled in Ali G's bikinis
Ali with her Super Models

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