14-Stacy-bingeeat.jpg Reason No.4. 
It can be just a 'glorified eating disorder'

Binge eating, calorie restriction, body weight fluctuations, starving, limiting food groups, taking dieting supplements….

These are all words that are associated and frequently happen with competition prep, dieting for shows and on/off season.

Take bodybuilding out of the equation and these same words would be used to describe an eating disorder.

But hey, it’s ok because you’re doing it for a show right? Wrong. It’s still an obsessive, long term unrealistic way of life that messes with your approach on food and health.

One thing that really grinds my gears is when on Facebook I see peoples ‘post competition meals’. They'll go 12-20 weeks on a diet and then once the show is complete gloat about how they smashed 2 entire cakes, 3 pizzas, 5 packets of biscuits, 5 burgers and an ice cream. Again…but it’s all good and ok because they deserved it, they were doing a show and dieted so hard! NO.
Show or not, nothing EVER makes consuming that much food in one go alright or acceptable - not healthy for your body at all.

Also with prep athletes will live off low/no calorie foods, dose themselves up on pre-workout stimulants and fat burning supplements, rely on gum to make them feel as though they are eating, have sugar free soft drinks to keep their starving bodies feeling a bit less hungry – just to pull them through, keep them sane and get that last bit of body fat off.


In a perfect world a bodybuilder will come out after their competition, have a nice couple of meals and then healthily reverse diet out of a show – but honestly, people get to that point they have just pushed their bodies so hard and it is just so desperate and screaming to be nourished, that 9 times out of 10, the reverse dieting plan goes out the window. They are free, they can eat whatever they want now, and they will.

Then the vicious cycle begins and goes on and on….
-Binge eating “I’m just so flippen hungry all the time”
-Self loathing “god I hate how I look and I can’t stop eating”
-Restricted calories “I’ll go back on my competition diet so I can look the way I did before”
-More exercise “I’ll keep the same intense training up as well because if I cut back I’ll gain weight”
-Exhaustion "I'm so tired, but I need to push through"
-Binge eating “WHY IS MY BODY SO HUNGRY!’
-Self loathing “ WHY CAN’T I SORT MY SH*T OUT”
-Restricted calories “ I’ll try again”
-More exercise…..
...you get the picture…..

Again this is something that takes A LONG time to get back to normal and your body to regulate itself after being so up and down all the time. Just be easy on yourself, be patient, and take the time to make yourself better and healthier again.


Reason No.5.  Pills & potions

I was debating wether to bring this one up or not, it’s a very taboo subject but it is something that is very much prevalent in the industry.

The ol’ bodybuilding and steroid/illegal substances saga. I’m not going to go into too much detail on this subject, but unsurprisingly it is something that is there - and it is becoming increasingly more common among athletes and almost accepted.

Now....I am absolutely NOT saying that everyone who does a bodybuilding show is on steroids or has taken something, not at all!
I do think though, if everyone had to write on social media pages exactly every single thing what had gone into the body on stage, there would be a few jaw drops of what people haven’t or have taken (food for thought).

Some concerns from my own experience, what I've seen and being part of that world are:

-The pressure for both males and females to use something, fueled by either people, the industry and/or their own expectations of needing to be/do better

-The lengths that individuals will go to get what they need/want

-Just how accessible it has become for young males and females (even teens) to get a hold of

-The addiction of it, it’s a type of drug – plain and simple

-It messes with your mind

-It messes with your body


If people want to take something, whether it (unfortunately) be by peer pressure or by personal decision, that’s their choice.
Sadly I do think that young people new into this scene aren't aware of the side effects and the head messing consequences.

There most certainly are health problems that can arise either straight away or later down the track that can and will happen to people.
Athletes are a) oblivious to the repercussions of taking something , b) Again, think they are invincible and nothing bad will happen to them or c) they straight up know the potential consequences but they want the extra edge, want to be better, are so consumed with winning or being the best that their health is something they are willing to jeopardise.

It’s all really tip of the iceberg. Everybody’s journeys in bodybuilding are very very unique and individual. And whatever happens in bodybuilding, in competitions or in life in general – is a result of our actions and the choices we have made.

I had an email from a friend last night worried that I would be getting hate mail from bodybuilders re. the posts I have put up this week I actually swear on my life I've not received ONE negative email regarding the posts (perhaps have had a couple of subtle ‘defriends’ on Facebook though ), but I have received a lot of emails with stories from both females and males who have related to one or more of the issues I have posted about

While yes there have been some great things that have come out of my experiences with doing shows, I am extremely happy with my choice to step out of that world. I feel like by closing that door another awesomely more exciting, 1 million x healthier and positive door has opened! One that feels right for me and my soul.

Stacy Sadler, Personal Trainer
Facebook:Fitbella Women

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