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Continuing with our Novice Guide to bodybuilding contests, I know its been some time between articles, but here is the final instalments for those novices still worried about what to do in the final countdown!

The next step after getting your body in super shape is to get an entry form to the show. To do this check out the contest poster of the show you want to compete and then get details of the contest organiser and get an entry/registration form from them and return the form at least 2 weeks before the contest. Or contact NABBA, NZFBB or INBA for further details.

Once you've sent this away, you have the registration, tanning and contest day to deal with! In this update we'll deal with the tanning and registration. Yes there is alot to do so read up!!

What you need to paint up - without the mess! You'll need to start putting on your undercoat ie dream tan spray or pro tan on your body at least 3 days before contest. So if you're competing on Saturday, put on a coat on Thursday night, and 2 coats on Friday.

1. A Painting partner. Some people find it easy to paint themselves up but perhaps a close friend is beneficial if it's your first contest.

2. Gloves. This is useful for your painter. But not crucial if he/she doesn't mind having brown hands for a while.

Tann2 3. A plasic bowl. You can pour your Dream Tan spray or pro tan into a plastic bowl and dip your brush to get the tan instead of spraying it directly onto the body. Some people find this more manageable but find out what's best for you or your painter.

4. Old newspaper or towels. As it can get a wee bit messy when painting they'll be drips and splatters everywhere so it is best if you stand on some old newspapers or towel during the paint up. This will save your precious carpet of being stained.

5. Wash Cloths. If there happens to be some stray splatters, keep a wash cloth on hand to soak up the pain straight away.

6. Old Clothes. Once you have put on your first coat of paint you should get out the old clothes to put on. The paint is hard to get out and usually takes a few washes, so needless to say, don't put on your best Versace designer outfits!

7. Old Dark Sheets. Again, don't go to bed on your best silk sheets as you will stain it with your beautifully bronzed body! Use old sheets that you haven't used for years which you can throw out afterwards.

8. Take sheets and pillow cases with you. If you are travelling to a contest and staying at a hotel,take sheets with you. Most hotels don't appreciate you leaving your stains behind so to save you any hassels from management take your own stained sheets.

9. Wear old PJs to bed. Decrease the stains on your bed by wearing old pyjamas to bed or an old T shirt.

11. Dream Tan. Dream Tan should be applied after at least 2 coats of Pro Tan. Dream Tan can be put on before going to the contestants briefing and will save you stressing later on.

10. Don't shower. Once you've put on your tan, don't shower. Or at least don't shower for too long and don't use soap as the tan will come off!

Big Plug! get the Go Figure Contest Prep DVD to help you with the finer details of posing and tanning! Click on pic to go shopping!

D day! Registration.
OK you're all tanned up and ready to strike pose. Next up is registering your hot bod. This usually happens the night before for NZFBB and sometimes NABBA depending on the organiser so make sure you check with them.

Registration Form and Fee.
Firstly make sure you get to registration and weigh in there early (NZFBB usually do this night before). If you are not a member of Nabba or Nzfbb you will be required to pay a registration fee of $45. All competitors will need to pay an entry fee.

Drug Testing Form (nzfbb only)
It is a condition of entry that you fill out the drug testing form. Once you have filled this out you will automatically be placed on the NZFBB drug testing programme and you are subject to out of contest drug testing for the next 18 months.

Height Classes and Weigh in.
Ladies competing in the Figure Class will be measured and placed in short or tall categories. Please check Nabba and Nabba sites for their height categories of short and tall. Those competing in the physique classes will be weighed and placed into their classes.

07-NzfSonnyS-Girlsgrp Posing costume.
Nzfbb will require you to bring your posing trunks / bikini to registration so the judges can confirm that what you are wearing is within the NZFBB rules. Nabba doesn't require this. In Nzfbb ladies competing in the physique class are only allowed to wear a plain bikini during pre-judging.

You will also be required to hand in your music (on CD) at Registration. In Nzfbb you are allowed a maximum of 60 seconds for your posing routine.

Shortly we'll put up some tips you need to do before going on stage.

The above is just a brief guide of what you'll need for contest day. For more detailed info and exact requirements for each organisation plese go to their sites Nabba and Nzfbb.


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