Here we are, the final instalment of your contest journey, your contest day. Your heart's racing with nervousness and excited at the prospect of showing off your hard work on stage. It's quite easy with so much going on in your head to forget a few things as you rush off to your competition. So here's a few things for you to tick against.


Day of comp you'll need the following
Food: Be sure to pack a container of goodies to have during the day.
Water bottle: Sip on water
Money: For registration and entry fee ($45)
CD with your posing music on it
Heels: if figure athlete Posing Costume
Dream Tan / Dream Tan spray / ProTan / Foundation/ make up
Pump Up Gear: Weights, towel, dynabands
Grooming Paraphoniae: Foundation, hairspray, needle, thread comb, mirror, razor, make up, hairspray, bikini bite etc.
Extra clothes: Few shirts, comfortable cloths, etc.
Jandals (optional): To keep bottom of feet clean
Towels (2-3): to wipe your hands and feet



Backstage Preparation
Mental preparation: Visualize your compulsory and/or routine poses; think about how you're going to walk on stage how you're going to stand. Visualize how're you're going to look to the judges.
Last Tan: Get a helper to put on your last coat of tan/oil well before you get on stage.
Be prepared: Frequently inquire of time remaining until you're required on stage.
Keep warm: Protect yourself from cold air or drafts; use a robe if needed.

left: Lisa and Monty helping Andrea with final touch ups

Pumping up
Don't pump up too much. Just a few sets before you go on stage should suffice as you don't want to overpump and appear flat on stage.
Take your time between exercises
Pump up with weights, towel, dynaband
Incorporate floor exercises if desired
Pump up weak body parts and side delts
Limit pump up exercises: 2 to 4 exercises in circuit fashion
Avoid pumping quads and abs unless extremely lean, Just flex
Limit biceps pump to maintain biceps peak

Common Pumping Movements
Delts: Lateral Raises, Upright Rows
Chests & Triceps: Push Ups, Dips
Back & Biceps; Towel Pulls, Pull Ups
Hams; Leg Curls (with tubing)
Flexing Calves. Single Leg Calf Raises
Abs; Flexing and Posing The Last Seconds

Click pic to
Watch Pumping Up
Sample Image


07-NbaWai-GJanineSheta On Stage at last!
Remember to relax your face, smile occasionally, and have fun!
Recheck your body for any streaks, splotches, sweat,etc.
Put on your heels (figure athletes) and go!!


Sample Image Getting the Tans off
After the glitz and glamour of the stage is finished you have the job of getting the tans off. The easiest way is to apply baby oil liberally to your body (don't have a shower or wet your body before you do this) and then use an old towel to wipe the tan off. After you've wiped most of it off, go under the shower and use liquid soap and a loufer to scrub the rest off.
However, if you still want to have the tanned look to remind you of your contest, don't scrub so hard!

So there you go, a comprehensive guide to bodybuilding contest preparation. Hope you've enjoyed the series and has helped you with some direction with your contest plans. The series has just been a guide of what you can expect and things you need to do to plan for your day. For more detailed info and exact requirements for each organisation plese go to their sites Nabba and Nzfbb.

Good luck and have fun!

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