Young police officer Kat Carpinter certainly made an arresting figure as she walked across the stage at the NZIFBB Waikato Champs.  But little did we know about the massive weight loss journey it took to get there. 

At her heaviest, Kat weighed an unrecognisable 76kg.  She slowly trimmed down to 58kg with the help of Tarren McCall and the team at Fitness Plus to reveal the great figure you see today.  Find out about her journey below!

Occupation:    Police Officer               Age: 21

Family:  Just me myself and I (oh and partner :p)

Height:    169cm         Contest Weight:    58kg         

Have you always been into fitness and exercise? What did you do before bodybuilding?
Yes, I was very active at school and after school.  Alot of team sports like touch, soccer etc. Anything and everything to keep me busy most nights and every weekend.  Had no idea about nutrition though.

Hard to believe you were overweight. How heavy were you at your heaviest?
How long ago was that and how did you try to lose weight before bodybuilding became part of your life.

I think at Police college I was at my heaviest sitting at 76kgs, the pressure of study and not doing any sport got to me while I was in Wellington and I didn't change my eating habits. So I was still eating and drinking anything but doing no exercise.


Kat in her partying days                 

Did you think you were that fat and unhealthy while you were in the moment? 

No, I think because I could still fit my clothes and there were other people on my recruit course that were bigger.

What inspired you to take the next step and take up bodybuilding diet and training? When did you start weight training for bodybuilding or have you always done it.
Working shift work is hard to maintain any type of routine so I had to give up team sports because I couldn't make the trainings and games. That's when I turned to the gym, I went into fitness plus in April this year. I was taken through my program and commented on by staff there talking about my symmetry and what not. They convinced me into doing a show and I committed to the club physical comp. I started training from then on - weights and cardio.

Could you ever imagine you looked the way you did?  
Yes, I was always chubby at school but didn't really care; I thought I was "healthy" because I played sport. But now I look at my photos or I lift a 15kg plate and think dammmn I used to weigh this much more.


What has bodybuilding taught you about eating, training and managing a healthy lifestyle?

Wow I am so much more aware of what to eat and not to eat and how it affects your body. Having a binge after the comp made me feel so sick and my body definitely doesn't appreciate half the foods I once thought were good for you. I am still in the gym or outside doing activity most days - it's just become second nature. I feel guilty and lazy if I skip more then one day.  

How did you manage your eating and training schedule while working as a Police Woman – especially when you do night shifts.  How did you get over the temptations and hunger that may have arisen?

It was the biggest struggle on shift work, the gym not being open at certain times. I never had one set shift, I would finish at all times of the night and morning. Anddddddd the amount of overtime I do is crazy, you have to plan your meals for that as well. But then I would think about my awesome leader Tarren McCall (Champion Nutrition) and how I have to see her on my days off and I hated getting food taken off me or letting her down.

Kat with Tarren McCall

The guys on my section would eat as much fast food as they can on the go and often I would break down and get super angry but could never show them because the Police has such a 'harden up' mentality so moaning wasn't going to get me anywhere. They would often tease me about my 'rabbit food eating' but towards the end they knew how serious I was about the training and even started being healthier then normal.

You looked awesome at your Club Physical Show and then the NZIFBB Waikato Comp,  Have you got the bug to do more shows in future?!!

Oh most definitely! I can see how people get so addicted, it's an awesome buzz seeing your body change and you always strive to be better at the next show.  I was thinking seriously about North Harbour in a couple of weeks but I want to do better then second place so going to have a break and try again next year. I'm moving to ozzie at the end of this year but no doubt I'll still be in touch with Tarren and Dazza(fitness plus trainer) and Ill be back to compete next year :)


What’s your advice to young girls reading this who might’ve been in your overweight situation? What would you say to them to get off the couch and into training and dieting?  

It's pretty simple really, either you do it or you don't. Either you want to look better or be healthier or achieve a certain something or you don't. I truly believe if you want to do something bad enough you will no matter how much obstacles or excuses are going through your head. "Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going".

Just make sure you get the right advice and stick to it. I had awesome advice mainly from Tarren; Champion Nutrition and the Fitness Plus crew (all of them). Doing bodybuilding with them you become close, like family - motivation, support, help anything and everything. Wouldn't have done it without them.

Kat Carpinter
October 2012

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