Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I last wrote and a lot has changed! We now have a beautiful little daughter named Aaliyah, who is already 15 weeks old and growing like a weed.

So I’m no longer working a full time job and traveling, I’m at home with my girl and back into my weight training and loving it. I’m also back seeing clients and already starting to get some competitors ready for shows later this year.

What can I say about Motherhood....it is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me, Aaliyah is simply awesome! I love her so so much and love everything about being a Mum. I find it really hard being away from her, even when I’m at the gym and she’s only about 20 metres away from me lol!

We’re really lucky that she is such a happy little girl and is really cruisy, it’s definitely made the last few months of adjusting to our new lifestyle easier. But despite that, I’ve still learnt very quickly about the challenges of being a Mum, especially living so far away from all of our family and friends.

It’s very much just Darryn and I juggling bubba, work, training and a huge lack of sleep. We’re really lucky that we don’t have too much on at the moment and Darryn is really flexible with his personal training hours, so can give me some time out to catch up on jobs or see clients when I need to.


I was really keen to jump straight back into training after having Aaliyah, but due to a not-so-nice birth I wasn’t really able to, so I started doing some light cardio when she was 2 weeks old. With the weights I had to wait until bub was old enough to go to the daycare at the gym, so I’ve now been back training for 3 weeks. It’s certainly going to take some time to build my strength back up, but I can already feel it improving.

I’m now back doing single body part training, already thinking about the areas I want to improve on, (I’ll write about that in the next blog) but for the first two weeks I did circuit trains for upper and lower body separately, just to get a feel for it again. Here’s the leg circuit I did:

Run through circuit four times:

1. Box Jumps             20       20      15       15

2. Wide Bench stepup  20     20       15       15

3. Wide stance squat  20      20      15       15

4. Lunges                 20      20       15        15

5.Exercise Ball hip lift 20       20       15        15

The first couple of weeks after having Aaliyah my clean eating was completely out the window, most days I didn’t even get to have my first meal until about 2pm and then I’d just grab whatever was easy. But all of that is back on track now and I’m ensuring I’m eating extra clean calories above my BMR and keeping more carbs in my diet than I normally would have to help with breastfeeding. And it all seems to have worked as I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but now it’s time to put some muscle back on!  

That’s a little update from me and some pics of my gorgeous wee girl!

If you have anything you want me to blog about please let me know, you can contact me on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/JamieOnekawa.

Jamie xx
April 2013

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