An interview with Cath Gibson by Sarah Parr

It’s always interesting to hear about what other trainers and athletes alike are getting up to around and out of the country, especially in the case of Napier Personal Trainer Cath Gibson. Also a Les Mills RPM Instructor and competitive figure athlete, Cath has some exciting upcoming events scheduled.

On April 18th Cath heads over to Australia for a month of fabulous fitness fanaticism, which would be to any personal trainer’s delight! Let’s hear it from Cath herself…..

So Cath, tell us how you’ll be kicking off your trip?

1st up on the agenda is the Australian Fitness Expo – 3 days of all things fitness. It’ll be an amazing chance for me to learn and see new training techniques and equipment and generally network with people within the industry who inspire and motivate me on a daily basis.

Anything in particular you’re anticipating?

The highlight for me will of course be the INBA bodybuilding show which will showcase the best natural athletes in Australasia over an exciting 2 day competition. I’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored by ASN Nutrition Hawkes Bay this year and they too will be present at the Expo so it’ll be great to be there with them.

above: Cath at NABBA Hawkes Bay 2012

Sounds great! So what about after the expo?

Once the Expo finishes I’ll be staying with my sister for a week for a well-earned little rest...although within this week she’s got some training sessions organised with Sydney’s renowned Personal Trainer Tiger G...Tiger G is Australia's premiere figure champion, sports model and personal trainer.

She is the first and only ANB athlete to win all the ANB/WNSO's major titles including Miss World, Miss Australia, Miss Asia Pacific and Miss New South Wales, achieving her Pro card along the way. She is also the only female to have been selected as Australian Team Captain for the ANB's World Discovery Tours. To be able to train with her is going to be a huge honour and I’m pretty excited about it! No doubt there’ll be a few “fun” RPM classes thrown in there as well.

Doesn’t sound like much rest! What’s next on the agenda?

The following week I head to Darwin...this is the main reason for the trip. In December I was privileged to be asked to be the Fitness Ambassador for an event called “Blood Sweat and Fears”.


Blood Sweat & Fears is a 10km and half marathon ultimate fitness challenge with scattered obstacles along the way that are designed to test the competitors’ physical and mental limitations. Just think mud pits, climbing, hills and fire and you kind of get the idea!

Pre event I helped design both the strength training programmes and the running training programmes for those registered and while over there I’ll be helping with promotional events, perhaps taking some competitors through some training sessions and taking a few classes.

Will I be participating??? Uuuuuummm NO!! Lol. I think the organisers hoped I would be...but I’ll be in full training mode for the HB NABBA show and I don’t think my sponsor would be too pleased if I came home with an injury! I will be however the loudest cheerleader there!

Well that all sounds like one awesome opportunity, not to mention a complete blast! So how do you wind up such an action-packed trip?

And finally on my way home I’ll be going via Christchurch...catching up with the gorgeous Taylor Smith and the hunky Jay McDonald...sounds like we’ve got a wee photo shoot planned with the amazing Sam Murphy from Articulate.

I’ll also be supporting a certain friend who’ll be competing at the NABBA/WFF show that weekend!!

Well not sure who that could be….but anyway, sounds like an adventure just waiting to happen! What could be better than doing all the things you love surrounded by some great people along the way!

Hopefully Cath can fill us in on how it all went afterwards and we certainly wish her very success on her Aussie campaign as the Blood Sweat & Fears ambassador! It’s certainly great to see one of our own getting out there and making an impact overseas.

Go Girl power!

Sarah Parr
April 2013

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