The next time you have a bad day complaining about your aches and pains, read this story on the amazing Mary Rahiti and it'll give you perspective on how bad things could really be.
Mary and Lisa
Today Mary weighs 64kg but unbelievably Mary Rahiti weighed 136kg in 2001.  As if being overweight wasn't an inconvenience enough, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was around the same time she started divorce proceedings from her husband.  Not only that, she had 2 young children to look after as she was now a single mum!

Mary Rahiti Training and Posing Video!  You can also watch Mary and see what great shape she's in ahead of her Melbourne comp this weekend. Thanks to Fitness 247 Gym for letting us film in their gym. You'll find the video mid way down the page.

Mary 2001            Mary 2013

The tumour was removed in 2002.  Although she had alot to deal with physically, Mary started exercising and began her fitness journey while studying a double degree and working as deputy Principal.

It wasn't till 2006 when she met Maureen and Johnson Reihana at Fitness 247 Gym that she seriously thought about bodybuilding.  First she had the goal of getting into the 90kgs, 80kgs, then the rest they say is history.

Mary competed at the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs in 2011.  Then in 2012 represented Cook Islands at the South Pacific Champs taking out the Overall Physique Title no less.


Today Mary is a happy and healthy 39 year old enjoying what bodybuilding has given her while giving back to the community and helping them to get fit.  She also teaches Pump at Fitness247 gym 2-3 times a week.

As you can see Mary's in great condition as she prepares at the INBA Women's Mega Show on 27 AprilOne of the reasons she chose this show is because it's drug tested and she feels she'll be competing on an even field.


So the next time you think you're having a bad day, read this story and watch video again and you'll get yourself out of the rut in no time.

Thanks Mary for the inspiration for all of us!
Lisa, Go Figure
April 2013

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