She struts, she pumps iron, she teaches, she's a fitness model and a babe who can kick your butt while giving you her killer smile. 

She was in top 3 at the Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model and now we are proud to announce that Nats 'Unit' Levi is Go Figure's First Ever Fitness Ambassador!!
UNIT will be writing a regular series of articles under the banner 'I Heart Tin' for Go Figure on everything fitness.  As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Les Mills she will use a unique set of skills, experience and knowledge to demystify training and help motivate you. She will also be answering questions you may have to help you with your training and fitness related goals.


Nats, 'Unit', as she's affectionately known among her fans, is doing a great job motivating and inspiring many girls to live the health and fitness lifestyle through her group fitness classes. So we thought we would give Nats a leg up and combine our resources to help promote the benefits of weight training and healthy lifestyle message even more!


The first thing that strikes you about Nats is her height. At 6'2" she is tall. Nats is also strong. The mix of height and strength has her nicknamed 'UNIT' by her colleagues, clients and friends. Nats is passionte about life and helping people live to their fullest. Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is her strategy in making this happen.
                           Fun, Fab and Fit - That's The Unit!
Her particular expertise is in creating lean and balanced bodies with positive minds.

"Happiness comes from taking a holistic approach to reaching and going beyond your health and well being goals.  I have used this strategy herself and have helped many others achieve amazing results." Nats said.

Keys to success, she believes, lie in strength training, the right nutrition for the individual and an honest support community of positive influences.

Nats adds "Strength training is key to developing a lean and healthy body composition that will see you maintaining strong body functionality way into your twilight years. When I trains myself or others I always ensure they are achieving their goals by combing strength training and nutrition in a holistic manner for optimum results.  I love weight training and know the amazing results it achieves for women. Its also fun. I also love eating good food."

"Thank you Lisa for this exciting opportunity and I look forward to spreading the fitness message with Go Figure!"

Nats Levi
July 2013


We will be keeping UNIT fed and nourished with Go Figure's Low Carb Pasta and Rice, along with supplements to keep her hot body in great shape during the rigours of her daily work kicking people's butts :)

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