October 2013

Bec Nesbett is only days away from competing at her first Nationals but its unbelievable that looking at her lean body now, that Bec was ever overweight.  But as you can see by the right pic, 18 months ago Bec was heavy and not living a healthy lifestyle.

All that changed around September 2012 when she started training and seeing her Champion Nutritionist Momma T. And the rest they say is history!

In this video interview below, Bec talks about her journey and about her nerves as the Nationals approach.

May 2012

Congrats Bec!
Bec won the Shape class at the NABBA Nationals, well done!! Thanks for your ever ready smile and being such a great support to everyone.  Good luck on your future contest adventures!

Lisa xx
left: Lisa and Bec

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