If you needed more proof that pumping iron and living a good healthy bodybuilding lifestyle helps fend off the years, then look no further than to the fab figure of Lisa Cameron who recently turned 50!

Lisa has been lifting weights for at least 15 years so ladies, if you've been scared of lifting weights because it'll make you 'bulky' just look at Lisa's figure to see that you won't get too big.  Instead lifting weights will help you build and maintain shape, and help your body's ability to burn fat.

What has been the secret to Lisa's youthful appearance and figure.  Has she found the fountain of youth in the Taupo water?!!!  In this update, we ask Lisa how she's managed to fend off the kgs and her advice on how to live lean while enjoying a few treats.

Back in your 20's, what did you think you would like and feel like when you would be 50?
To be honest I am not sure I gave that too much thought - I was at teachers college and living a bit of a student party life style, flatting, not eating very well. I was however active and playing both Women's cricket and indoor cricket, dabbling with the gym in my early 20's and more seriously in my late 20's - with the inclusion of aerobic instructing. I do however remember the thought of aging actively.

My mother died of a heart attack when I was 16, so keeping heart fit has always been important to me. My father is pretty inactive due to a back injury. I LOVE seeing 'older' people walking, hiking, travelling and playing sport - I want that to be me. It WILL be me :-)

How did you actually feel when you finally hit that number? What ever 50 feels like?? I don't feel 50 - I have always thought with any age there is the old version and the not that old version. I feel like a 'young' 50 year old if that makes sense. The biggest shock for me was the birthday cards that had 50 on the front! Now that I wasn't so fussed about haha.

Brett and Lisa                 Her memorable hound Briggsy and well earned 50th bday cake

You are looking great, how have you managed to look so youthful?

Attitude I think, I choose to see the glass over flowing, staying happy, positive, grateful. I am self employed and work my work around life style. I exercise in the morning, meet friends for coffee after the gym a few days a week and then begin work at 11.30 - refreshed, feeling great. I treat myself to regular massage and a facial about once a month. I mostly drink plenty of water - but am inclined to drink too much black coffee.

I don't drink alcohol but I do enjoy cheese! I have been happily married with a very
proud and supportive husband for 25 years. We have no children by choice, so I actually think that has helped to a lower stress life, perhaps that has helped keep me more youthful?? We have always had animals, and I think they are good for the soul.

You have also managed to maintain your weight throughout the years, how have you managed to fend off the kgs and what advice would you give people who want to maintain their weight?
As I mentioned earlier, my student days don't mirror my life or lifestyle now. I taught High School PE for 8 years and then I had a Personal Training and Aerobic Instructing business in Kaiwaka, Northland for 8 years before we moved to Taupo. It was during my early PT years that I felt I needed a goal to keep my own training on track.

I have had an interest in Body Building - in particular Figure - for a long time. I decided that competing was a way to achieve the goal of such a trained physique and ensure I was practising what I preached. It was during my early competitive years that my interest in nutrition grew under the amazing instruction of Alison Rainbow - my mentor and friend.

I found I was getting much better results with my PT clients by implementing what I was learning from Alison. In order to grow the nutritional side of my business I completed a course at Auckland Uni to achieve a Certificate in Nutrition. I already had several small course qualifications but not what I wanted in order to incorporate it in my business.


INBA Olympia 09                     with Janine Haywood who also turns 50 in 2014 - amazing ladies!

It was with what I have learnt over the years from Ali and my training that I have managed to maintain my weight. My happy place is 57 - 58 kg. If I hit the 60 mark, I tighten things up, my body responds incredibley well with discipline. I ALWAYS eat 6 protein based meals throughout the day. My carbs are generally low with some good fats. My weight creeps up when I let cheese and chocolate brownie play too bigger part in my day to day eating :-)

I believe in the 90 / 10 rule, eat well 90 % of the time and allow yourself some treats to keep sane. There are so many celebrations that involve food, if you can enjoy a little treat here and there I think it is a healthy attitude to eating. I think this attitude helps towards maintaining weight. The variables are age - hormones, menopause and managing those things without using them as an excuse to gain weight.

Back in the day when you competed you must've got stressed a few times in your pre contest prep, what advice would you give yourself looking back?
To be totally honest that wasn't the case for me. I liked to start a cut up 16 weeks out to give plenty of time. I planned my contest year early and did a lot of work on visualistaion, goal setting, giving myself plenty of time to achieve and do what needed to be done to get on stage. Organisation and belief is the key I think. I also worked with Alison right throughout the off season so that there was no great panic or rush at the end. Again with being self employed and my family situation - I was able to be quite focussed on myself without having too many balls in the air to juggle.

Brett as I mentioned was incredibly proud and supportive, so it was a great head space to compete from. I learnt a lot about myself mentally as well as physically with competing and I have bought that forward into my life today.

                                                       With fellow age defyer Marlene Henderson Taupo 09

Do you think contest prep has changed now compared to what you used to do?

I think the changes I see most readily are more supplement options, more competitors doing research themselves, there is definitely a lot more variety in bikinis, shoes, workshops available compared with my early competitive years. With blogs and you tube and face book, I see my competitors continually chasing knowledge and information.

I think this is a good thing - as long as you have 110% faith in your trainer and nutritionist - you can't go wrong. IN the end you have to listen to ONE person for your nutrition and ONE for your training. I think a lot of getting on stage is the top 2 inches at work the whole way through. The mind is a powerful thing, you can talk yourself in or out of anything - believe and you will achieve is my motto.

What is your food philosophy ie: do you count calories and carbs?
As I mentioned a 90 / 10 approach. I am most definitely aware of calories but don't necessarily count them. I have protein at every meal - 6 x a day, and carbs earlier in the day. Generally no complex carbs at night, unless I am having a 'free' meal or a meal out. I would tend to more likely up my fats at night than carbs. I am not hung up on the odd high carb meal at night but it is not my norm.

Tamar smashes Lisa at the gym

What exercise regime do you currently do?
I start my day with either a walk ( or more recently the occasional run - I completed my first half marathon in Nov of last year) 5-6 times a week. Anything from 35 - 55 minutes.

I weight train 3 -4 times a week. In the past 3 months I have been having a PT session 2 x a week with a Figure athlete that I sponsor - Tamar Kuru. I have loved training harder again and being pushed.

Prior to that I would do a 3 or 4 day split and train with moderate intensity. I dabble in yoga and love it when I make a concentrated effort - not happening right now! I have been enjoying some hikes over the summer - anything from 5 -35km! When we travel, I don't get hung up on exercise and generally just walk and hike more.

What image do you have of yourself at 60?
Hmmmmmm, hadn't thought about it until you asked that question! haha! Ageing actively, weight training, walking, hiking, active travel, happy, healthy, lean and loving life. I am not sure if I will still be working, I can't imagine not sharing my passion for food and nutrition, maybe just a couple of days a week.

I run a Fat Loss Nutrition Consultancy in Taupo and have done for the previous 8 years. I also work with Contours Taupo on their nutrition programmes for challenges as well as general nutrition for the members of the club. We share a group we call The Dream Team, fitness, figure, bikini and physique athletes - I run posing and stage presentation workshops for them along with doing all their contest nutrition. We wont the teams trophy for the INBA Taupo show last year. I have a passion not only for fitness and food but healthy living.


Lisa Cameron
Certified Fitness Instructor: Auckland Institute of Technology
Certified Personal Trainer: Auckland Institute of Technology
Certificate in Nutrition: Auckland University

Body Building Titles
2000 World Gym Northland Open Body Building Contest Novice Figure Tall 2nd
2000 NZFBB Auckland Champs Novice Figure Tall 2nd
2000 NZFBB Nationals Novice Figure Tall 1st
2000 Kaiwaka Senior Sports Person of the Year
2001 NZFBB CNI Open Figure Tall 1st
2001 INBA Open Figure Tall 3rd
2001 NZFBB Nationals Open Figure Tall 1st
2001 NZFBB Nationals Overall Figure Champion
2001 Kaiwaka Senior Sports Person of the Year
2002 Australasian NPFC Open Figure Tall Champion
2002 Australasian NPFC Overall Figure Champion
2002 Kaiwaka Senior Sports Person of the Year
2002 Kaipara District Sportswoman of the Year
2003 NZFBB Nationals Body Fitness Tall 3rd
2004 IFBB Womans Worlds – Spain Body Fitness 16th / 39
2004 IFBB Womans Worlds NZ Flag Bearer
2004 Kaipara District Sportswoman of the year
2006 INBA Auckland Female Classic Open Figure Tall 2nd
2006 INBA Australian Female Classic Open Figure Tall 4th
2009 INBA Taupo Open Figure Tall 1st
2009 INBA Olympia Gold Coast Open Figure Tall 4th
Presenter for ¼ Start TV/Video 5 days a week Daily Fitness Series – 1 year contract Featured in Oxygen Magazine, NZ Fitness Magazine, NZ Muscle Magazine

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