Diana Flynn is not letting age be the barrier to pushing her sporting bounderies.  After beginning her sporting career with  powerlifting, she took up bodybuilding at 43 years old and now at 55 is taking on the best in the world at the prestigious Crossfit Games in U.S.A

As a bodybuilder she'd won the NABBA Masters Class at the Nationals and INBA Natural Olympia in 2003.  And now, 11 years old she's still pushing her body in the demanding sport of Crossfit.  How did she get into Crossfit and did she imagine she'd be quite good at it?!! 

Read on and check out the Video Interview of Diana in action below.

Plus a few more pics of Diana from her bodybuilding days at the end.


* How did you get into crossfit
My partner and I returned home after a six week European holiday in 2013. I’d actually lost weight through short intense body weight workouts in hotels and on board cruise boats and eating well 80/20… and thought what can I do to maintain this and not have to go back to normal “gym type” training…   I saw that there was a new Crossfit opening in Silverdale (not far from home) so I googled exactly what crossfit was about, like what I read (Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements) and took up the offer of a free trial session !  Liked it and decided to commit to 3 times a week.

* When was your first comp and did you do well at comps straight away

My first comp was an “inter-box” (individuals competing against others from one other Crossfit) and enjoyed the challenge.  Can’t say I did all that well as I was still learning the movements eg. Pull-ups, wall ball throws, power cleans, box jumps etc.

However, progress I did, and looked at the National Masters 40+ competition 8 months into my crossfitting life.  This was challenging as well, as now I had to contend with everyone 40+.  I think I was the oldest there… (54).  I came 7 overall out of 22.  They are changing it this year and making another category 55+.  This will definitely be better!  There are plenty of “master” crossfitters out there.  I’m sure as the sport progresses, more and more will have a go.

* Were you surprised with how well you did at it

Yes, I was surprised but determined to improve !


* What was the qualification process to get to the crossfit games?

The Games season is broken up into three stages.  The first step is the Open, a world wide 5 week inclusive competition starting in February.  When you register you are given a profile and a log-in to record your scores from each of the workouts which are released on-line, one workout at a time(over five weeks).  You have to submit your score for that workout in a time-frame (four days).  You can compare (online) how you are placing with other competitors in your age category from Worldwide and also Australasia. 

After five weeks of competitions I placed 26 out of 700 (55-59 year olds) worldwide.  That qualified me to go to the next stage of competitions -  Another four workouts over five days (Easter) with each workout needing to be videoed.  You then end up with five scores.  One score is from the previous competition (26).  The lowest scores determine your overall placing.  Mine was 18= qualifying me for a place at the World Games. This is the “third” stage !


* Are you nervous/excited about competing at such a high level ?!  Both! 

* You’re a former bodybuilder, how does crossfit training differ from bodybuilding?

Every workout is different… all your muscle groups are being taxed doing strength and conditioning workouts which requires a lot of energy to perform.  The workouts themselves called WODs (Workout of the Day) range anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes and can include gymnastics, Olympic style lifts, running, skipping, rope climbs, squats, kettlebell movements etc.  My powerlifting and bodybuilding programmes have been complex and isolation exercises, of which some has helped me to quickly adjust to some crossfit movements.

* What do you enjoy about crossfit?

So far its been the best type of fitness workout I’ve experienced and I love the camaraderie and community spirit you get from exercising together.

* Did you think you’d be doing something this stresnuous at your ‘age’?

Probably not, but then I again, I don’t “think” like that, I tend to see something, like the look of it and just have a go! But.. put my heart into it !

* What advice you’d give to other mature athletes about taking up new challenges whether it be crossfit or other sporting endeavours.

Life is for living and if you believe internally that you are not getting the most out of your life, then change it.  What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.


Above 2003

Below 2014
Blast from the past!!!!  Diana Flynn was my client over 10 years ago when I helped her prepare to compete and looked amazing in the NABBA Senior Figure Class. She won the National Title in 2003 and went on to win the INBA Natural Olympia the same year.

10 years on and I'm glad to say we're still standing, training and living a healthy lifestyle.  Which is a win in itself!!

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