Its never too late to take up weight training or bodybuilding for that matter.  Just look at Debe Stewart as proof!

Debe didn't start bodybuilding competition until she was in her 30s, now at age 55 she's still hitting the stage with a figure many girls in their 20s would envy.
2003 (44yrs) 2014 (55 yrs)

Debe, who works as a personal trainer in Dunedin, recently competed at the NABBA South Island Champs in Dunedin. She placed first in the 50+ physique class, although we're sure she would've been competitive in any class!

So why does she keep competing?

e reason I keep competing is because I love it! easy as that. With the correct nutrition and training you can slow down the aging process and have lots of energy to play with the grandkids.

Who wants to be an "old lady" in their 50's? Certainly not me! Competing means that I am committed to staying on track with my training and nutrition. I just love feeling fit and healthy.

I'm a personal trainer also, so I believe in my line of work you need to practice what you preach!"


2014 NABBA South Island Champs, Dunedin
2014                        2003 NZFBB South Island Champs, Christchurch

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