I'm going to have to check Pichuda Copeland's birth certificate as she tells me she's 48.  Yes 48! 

Wow Pich looks amazing.  She lives a fit and healthy lifestyle, working as a Personal Trainer but right now shes even more of a Thai Goddess because she's only 2 weeks away from competing at the INBA Natural Olympia in San Diego on 8 November.

Pich and Lisa

Pich was a late bloomer in the sport, first competing in Shape when she was 42. 6 years on, she's competed in numerous regional shows but now she's off to her first International competition.  I talked to Pich before she head off to find out how she's feeling ahead of her International debut.

Pich is still fundraising for her trip so if you can help, please go to this link

Watch Video of Pich in action below!



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