With a new look bright red hair befitting an action figure, Raechelle Veale is rebooting her spot on the fitness scene with a comeback at the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs!

left: Raechelle and Lisa
I caught up with Raechelle at Ludus Magnus where she gets regularly tortured by their gruelling workouts.

Its been 8 years we saw Raechelle bounding across the NZ bodybuilding stage but she needed a goal and so she set her sights on the Pan Pacific Champs on 29 August. 

Not only does Raechelle already teach Les Mills classes everyday (whether it be Grit, Body Jam or Step), she weight trains and does 4 Ludus workouts a week.  If you've experienced Ludus you'll understand how gruelling that is, which makes Raechelle's fitness level off the chart!!

Raechaelle has made some great changes to her figure over the past few years. This time round she's looking harder and her legs have leaned up nicely.

In this video Raechelle gives us some her secrets to getting her legs down.  Watch and learn!


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