Some Goddesses have to take drastic steps to get their haywire hormones under control. Ivy Purkiss is one such Goddess who took charge of her body and decided she needed to do something dramatic to achieve a healthier state of mind.

Former Figure Competitor Ivy was experiencing crazy emotional highs and lows. Bed ridden due to her heavy and painful periods. Her weight didn't budge which caused her to stress more. So
she decided to take the drastic step of having her cervix and uterus remove and now Ivy's feeling great.

Read her courageous story below.

When did you compete and did you have body image issues before you started?

I competed around 15 years ago, I was trying to have children and couldn’t so decided to do something for myself to keep me occupied – this was it.  I did 2 comps in the first year and was just prepping for a 3rd when I found out is was pregnant!

Something to note is that I had NO body issues leading into this – once I stopped not only was my metablosim terrible but I had and still do have terrible body/self image issues…….

How old are your children now? They are 12 & 13

* what age and when did you notice things weren’t right emotionally and or physically

Pretty much after I had my kids so around 30yrs old – which are only 12 months apart. Trying to loose weight was so hard – my body remembered all the extreme dieting and fought me every step of the way- ( I was 58kg prior to kids and I tipped the scales at 105kg at the end of my pregnancies).

I could get to 90kg then couldn’t break it, it took a very long time to get to the 80’s and its where is till am today – cant break it. The only time I dropped to 70kgs was when I was on anti depressants – a very high dose and with that and all the stress that was going on I dropped 10kg just like that – but of course it  came back with a vengeance.

* what feelings went through your head and how did you deal with them

Why me, why cant I look like other girls, why do I work and diet and try hard and don’t get the results – basically I can go for 3 months, give it my all, and pretty much the reward isn’t much so I end up getting more annoyed with myself, my body and my genetics.  I am  part Tongan, German and a very stocky English build. It isn’t in me to be a naturally thin girl. Which also I found really unfair!

* what were the side effects of your emotions ie weight gain etc

Depression, feeling unattractive, terrible Anxiety which I still suffer from quite badly.

* were you recommend to take supplments and medication to deal with it and did it work?

I have tried everything! I went to the Drs who kept telling me that my thyroid was fine and  Normal – Normal compared to who? They always said, “oh well, tbis is just how you are supposed to be” and if I hadn’t been something else before then I would have thought, yeah its just the way I am – but before competing I was 70kg and a size 10/12 without really having to work to hard at it.

It wasn’t until I started training and eating under Lisa’s guidance that we knew that something wasn’t right when I was not getting any change but was doing all that she asked so I went and had a Saliva test done and what do you know I had a slow thyroid but I also had an issue with glucose which saw the specialist put me on diabetic tablets Metformin. I started to see some results – but again my body fought me every step of the way. grrrrrrr

* what changes in diet and exercise did you do to try sort out your hormones?

I tried all the diets – Low Carb, High Fats, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig – none worked for me.

* what finally led you to make the drastic effect of removing your uterus?

Terrible periods, painful, heavy and long lasting – it was horrible!

* how do you feel afterwards and what hormone/supplements do you take if any?

I feel a million dollars!! I dont really take any supplements other than Magnesium, and superfoods In smoothies.

* what are some considerations women should consider before removing the uterus as an option to deal with hormone issues?

May bring on Menopause earlier – I had my Cervix and Uterus removed so menopause should still come at normal age.  In relation to my weight , it hasn’t  really made any difference to the scales but I notice more in the measurements – the “padding” is less and im more leaner through hormonal areas where you would normally carry the weight, but what it has done is stop the crazy highs and lows and being bedridden - and that was a big thing for me.

* how are you feeling now about your life?

I turned 40 in September '15 and everyday I tell myself I may not be thin BUT I am fit. I workout 4-5 times a week doing variety of things. I am healthy. I eat good proteins and fruits and veges and on the weekend I relax and have wine and chocolate if I want. I have a family whom I love and they love me. I have great friends and I'm alive.

We get so caught up and obsessed with the way we look and to be honest I think to myself, if I died tomorrow, I'm pretty sure people wouldn't be commenting on my weight or body. It kind of puts things in perspective.

Ivy Purkiss
March 2016

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