Darnielle and Lisa

I spotted Darnielle Eketone's athletic figure when she leapt on stage in the Fitness Class at the INBA Auckland Champs in May 2015.  I saw that she had great potential in Fitness with her awesome leaps and movements - skills she put into practice from years of ballet.

But you could also see that Darnielle would also make a great figure athlete when she donned her bikini and heels.

So its no surprise then that she's focusing on figure when she returns to INBA and NABBA stage this year under the watchful eye of seasoned figure and PT Lisa Mahone.  I caught up with both of them during one of their gruelling training sessions.

Check it out below!

INBA Akl 2015
Hard to believe that 28 year old Darnielle only gave birth 7 months before competing in this INBA show (Nov 2014)!  Darnielle said she went back to the gym 2 weeks after giving birth and she hasn't stopped.

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