A year ago (Apr 07) 31 year old Katrina weighed 83kg after giving birth to her second child. A year later, Katrina looking slim and muscular stood on stage at the NZFBB Wellington champs after losing 18kg in a year. If you're a new Mum or looking for some inspiration to get off the couch and onto an exercise programme then look no further than this Mighty Mum!   
How many and how old are your kids?
My son turned 11 on easter weekend, and my daughter turned 1 year old 2 weeks ago.

When did you stop breast feeding?
7 months ago, when she was 5 months old.

When did you get back to training?
I didnt stop, to be honest. Im a group fitness instructor; I taught a class 4 days before i had her, was back at the gym within 2 weeks doing light training, and back teaching classes when she was 4 weeks old. Once i stopped breast feeding, I was able to increase the intensity of my workouts.
What was your weight after you had baby?
I went up to 89kgs, and was down to 83kgs within a week, then sat there for a while.

How much weight did you lose?
From the 83kg mark, ive since lost 18kgs.

Marty and Katrina

Who helped you with your training/dieting? and how were they instrumental to your prep?
My partner Marty helped me a lot, he's got such a vast knowledge about training and dieting. He didnt make it too easy for me though...he'd give me guidelines to follow (i.e how many calories, grams of carbs, protein, fats) and id have to come up with my own eating plan that suited.

Ive gained a wealth of knowledge about how the body works, and how it responds to different diets. (low carb, high fat, etc) In regards to my prep, he was fantastic, when id be tired, hungry, and generally feeling sorry for myself he'd motivate and encourage me, yet also tell me to ''take a harden up pill'', which is what I needed!! Its definately made me a much stronger person mentally!!
What advice would you give new Mums to help them get back in shape?
Its so hard with a new baby, battling the extreme tiredness, and demands of a newborn. The best advice I could offer is just to get active, even if its just a walk everyday, and eat clean, as nutrition is the key. Listen to your body, though, and dont do too much too soon!


  When did you start pre contest prep?
I followed a high protein, moderate carb eating plan from when I stopped breast feeding (I had a cheat meal 1x a week), but the strict dieting and hard training started 12 weeks out from this show.

Have you competed before?
yes, i did both wellington shows in 2005, and got 2 3rd placings. I broke my foot 8 weeks out from the first show, then proceeded to tear my hip ligament training for the 2nd show, and got diagnosed with glandular fever a week later! It wasnt the best experience for me that time round!!!

What was your motivation to get in shape? did you find it hard at first?
Im also a qualified personal trainer, I train clients from home, in fact I was still training them the night before I went into labour, and was back training them a week later... so training clients, along with having to get back up on stage and teach classes, was a huge motivation for me.

I slipped a disk when i was 11 weeks pregnant while teaching a class, and was on crutches for 4 weeks, and had to have 6 weeks of physio, before I could teach classes again (i started back when i was 6 months pregnant) so I knew the importance of strengthening up my stabilising muscles after I had the baby, and how important that was so i wouldnt re-injure myself. Did I find it hard? Yep, I sure did! The hardest thing I found was overcoming the tiredness, and not having the strong body I was used too...but once I actually got started with a regular exercise and eating plan it was easy!

Were you happy with how you turned out at show?

I was, considering where i'd come from, and how hard it was to lose the baby weight, but I also know that I wasnt as lean as i'd like to be, so it was a stepping stone towards the Nationals, with lots of room for improvements!!



Anything else you want to add to help others!
Having gone from competing, being sick, then pregnant, then competing again, my body's been through a lot in the last 3 years! Its been a HUGE learning curve, and ive still got much more to learn, but I just keep working on setting and achieving small goals. As long as you keep looking at the big picture, surround yourself with positive, encouraging people, then anything is possible!


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