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It was great to end the year taking pics at the Livfit Bodybuilding Show in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Thanks Linni and Tony for putting on a great show in the most unique venue I've ever been to....a car yard!   It was very tricky for pics as the light was coming in and out but hopefully everyone will be happy with the result.

Thanks to Janine Haywood for helping me out with the videoing as I would've been way too stressed to do both jobs!
Well done to all athletes, you all did a great job and you're rewarded with a great body for summer.

Enjoy the pics below, I took lots of pics of everyone so if you want to order some of yourself just email me; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

p.s if you haven't seen the guest posing by Johanna and Tony aka Sandy and Danny yet, make sure you get to bottom of page to see their homage to Grease!


Pics from the NABBA WFF
West Auckland Champs!

Overall Winners:
NABBA Men, David Leafa. NABBA Fig,Tracy Donovan. WFF Fig, Jenny. WFF Athletic, Brendan Lawrence. Physique Women, Christine Henwood


Stage Pics and Happy Snaps! Bodybuilding and Boxing Bonanza

Organising Team Lisa with Fitness Models


NABBA WFF Nationals Pics up now
thanks to Paul McSweeny @ Defined Photography!
Overall Winners: Kagan Orton, NABBA Physique. Tony Ligaliga; WFF Athletic
Paula Signal, WFF Figure. Sue Bettridge, NABBA Figure


Pics and Results up now! 

NABBA Nationals
Overall Winners: Tina Merriman, Physique. Kurt Brunton; Athletic. Sarah Malthus, Figure. Aaron Vaisigano, Physique. Priyaanka Khatari, Shape


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