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In this update we catch up with Poster Boy Rota Elliot and his journey to become a INBA Physique Pro. Rota has a great structure which he has managed to pack plenty mass on over the years. 

In his own words Rota tells us how he progressed through the INBA ranks and why he chose Tarren McCall to fine tune his physique so he can achieve his dream of winning the Pro card.


Greg Turrell

Rachelle Turrell is one happy wife. She's got a brand new hunky husband thanks to his hard work to shed over 30kg in the past few months. 

She's so happy she wants to share him with us and let us take a peek into his transition from powerlifter to bodybuilder who will be competing at the NZIFBB Counties Manukau Champs on 26 April. 

So in this article Rachelle tells us what its been like to watch him change in front of her eyes. 


Check out our interview backstage with Sexy Samoan Tony Ligaliga at the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs. Watch him in action as he pumps up and amazes us again with another great routine on stage!



Its been 2 years since we saw seasoned athlete Alex Simays on stage at the NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix but he has been on a mission for the last 5 months to show his hardwork again at the NABBA WFF Lee Priest Classic on 22 March in Sydney.

Above: Lisa with Alex and Leanne Simays

36 year old Alex, who has been competing for over 16 years, will be competing in the Extreme Body Class. Usually weighing 94kg on stage, people suggested to Alex he should go in the u90kg class but Alex says he's worked to hard to get his mass to sacrifice 4kg.  So eventhough he probably won't be the biggest on stage, his conditioning is usually is signature so he's hoping to score points for that.

In this video, Alex gives us a glimpse of that condition and also talks about how his prep has gone this time and how different its been to previous competitions.

Good luck Alex and the rest of Team NZ!!


After an almost near death experience and some time away from the sport, Salah Ibrahim IFBB Pro made a great comeback to the stage at the NZIFBB Waikato Champs.

Check out our backstage interview with him and his thoughts on his journey back below!


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