I have not yet seen a judge come up on stage with a set of calipers and scales to weigh anybody at a bodybuilding show to check athletes' weight and fat %. In some cases maybe they should.

Depending on which class the athlete is competing in, the fat % for a bodybuilder perhaps should be 10% or below. A figure athlete roughly around 10-12% but don't take these figures as gospel as different bodytypes will accumulate their fat in certain spots.
For Example, some people may have a lean upper body but their bottom half maybe still quite 'heavy' eventhough their total bodyfat reading is 12%. Different bodybuilding organisations will also have differing views on how lean an athlete should get so the best way to gauge what the organisation wants is to go to their shows and see the standard.

Having a weight or fat % goal is a good guideline but the best judge to how you're looking is to check yourself out in the mirror, or get someone else to do it for you. If you, or your helper/PT, think you're not looking lean enough then get back on that bike or treadmill!

Lisa, Go Figure
Sept 10

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