Yes its true!  Bodybuilding could be poisoning me.  Its a bold statement and many factors are leading me (and my leading allergy investigor and nutritionist) Stacey Hancock to this shocking conclusion. And it could be what's happening to you.  

But first let me bring you up to speed with my allergy and health news in the past  months since my article Lisa's Food Makeover on 8 August 10.

I won't bore you too long but you need to know the background to our conclusion.  The past month has been tough for me healthwise.  I've had to deal with an ear infection (I've probably had an infection of some sort once a year for the past 3 years) which I've had to take antibiotics for.  Once off the antibiotics earlier this month Stacey adviced me to take lots of Nutralife Vitamin C, echinacea, probiotics etc to help speed recovery.  But still I was feeling crappy.  No energy in the afternoons and a bit blah all round really.  We then went on to an even more bacteria killing plan by adding more candida (girly issue!) oriented supps to kill bad bacteria and encouraged healthy ones back into my body. Mmm love the Slippery Elm Stacey...not. 

While taking the vitamins etc, I was also cutting out the foods that I felt was giving me allergic reaction which included everything that contained soy.  And you'll be amazed what foods have! Some include the Balance WPI powder which had soy lethicin I had been having but since changed to Balance unflavoured.  Also out was array of sauces.  All the while all my dairy has been cut out. So I was pretty much left with baked chicken, salmon, steak, tuna, steamed vegetables, some fruit of pineapple and nectarine. Food was seasoned with salt and pepper...hooray!

I was sort of coming right but my head and sinus still felt blcked. Occasional stabbing pain in my ear and achy joints. My eyes were still puffy and throat sore. I know I'm in a bad way and I'm so over my allergies at this stage.

But Stacey being Stacey, she's always investigating and trying to find a reason behind things.  She looked down the avenue that I might have high sensitive to a group of foods which contained a high amount of 'salicylates'.  And guess what?  very high in salicylates is Pineapple and Nectarines. Two foods I've been eating alot of.  Also high are almonds, black peper, curry and a whole array of other foods that I do have a little of.

But Salicylates aren't just in food, its also in a vast selection of products we use in daily life such as air freshners, cleaning products, toothpaste, shampoos, deodorants and ofcourse tanning products and hairsprays often used at bodybuliding shows.  If you've ever seen me at  bodybuliding show you'll see how red I get and my eyes are super puffy and I'm always sniffing!

So that was my ah ha moment!  and that is why Stacey and I think that bodybuilding and other aspects of life is poisoning me. Since I've been up in Akl and covering the Bodybuliding scene for at least 8 years, we think the build up of these plus environmental things such as pollution, second hand smoke that I've inhaled in my body is just making what allergies I have worse.  

I think we're finally getting somewhere and getting to the root of my problems.  We're still looking at a few options to help me detox the liver and lymphatic system from all the build up of toxins. In the meantime gone is the pineapple and nectarine!  I can't not go outside or not go to bodybuilding shows but at least food is one aspect I can control.

Thanks so much to Stacey who's perservered with my very unique allergies.  If you feel you have a specific allergy or food issue send Stacey This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it an email and she might be able to help you!

I'll keep you posted on my progress and a less sniffly me!
Lisa, Go Figure
13 Sept 10


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