I know that I'll probably do some form of exercise in my old age but I wasn't quite sure if I'll be doing weight training. However after seeing the story on Colleen and Digby on 20/20 last Thursday 28 Oct 10, they've certainly redefined what old age is and what is actually possible as we get older. 

70 used to be so old but suddenly seeing these 2 age defying fitness machines at work in the gym has given me much more enthusiasm as I move towards the big numbers. 

I've only chatted to Digby and Colleen at shows and have always appreciated their enthusiasm for bodybuilding. Sure, they know they're not going to match it with some of the boys and girls with bigger muscles and tighter bodies than them but they make up for that in spirit of participation.  Afterall, if you're a competitor you'll understand that contest day is not just about competing but about the comraderie of meeting old friends backstage and having a wine or two while pumping up. Am I right or am I right ladies?!! 

While Digby and Colleen are in the upper echelon of the age classes, we're actually seeing a lot more ladies and gents competing  in the ‘younger' Senior Figure 35 and 45, Physique and Men's classes in recent years.  The recent NABBA Nationals, Senior Figure classes had 8 each in the 35 and 45 classes.  Yes they were huge and with great quality muscles such as Farah Deobhakta and Gladys Matthews who've dominated the 45 class in recent years. Cathy Orevich just keeps looking better in the 35+ class along with Bridget Emmitt, Vanessa Bartley, Paula Signal.  Donna Randell, Karen Montague, Kaye Perry the list goes on, just check out the recents from NABBA and NZIFBB ..and INBA for that matter with the increasing numbers of women continuing to compete.

         Over 50s!                   Over 40s             Chris and Marlene (50!)      Karen, Kaye and Donna  

We've also seen plenty of masters men's class number increase and their muscle maturity sometimes beating out some of the younger guys.  In the 40+ and 50+ class we're seeing Ross Gray, Matthew Matenga, Steve Quinn, Michael Pouhila, Tom Wojcik and Darren Orchard who are pumping iron and continuing to make weight training part of their lifestyle.

    Fabiany Fab at 40ish!

The crux of what I'm saying is, and I'm probably I'm preaching to the already converted, but just incase there's still a few people out there who still need convincing that weight training is the fountain of youth read on!

Weight training isn't going to reverse the ageing process but its certainly going to give us a more comfortable ride.  As we get older, our muscle fibres shrink in numbers and size so by weight training, we can keep our fibres active so we can burn calories while keeping fat at bay. Plus it keeps our bones and muscles strong, it gives us greater ability to prevent, and perhaps recover from falls and accidents in old old age.

Not forgetting the diet or we should say lifestyle.  By implementing a bodybuilding style eating plan, you'll better learn how your body works and understand the nutrition aspects of your health and fitness regime you'll be able to maintain your weight.

Just before you say, pumping iron's going to make me bulky.  Look at the pics of the amazing figures and physiques who are competitive bodybuilders, are they bulky?   No way hosay.

You're never too old start training either. Unfortunately the ageing process start in your 30s, so the early you can start having a healthy lifestyle and incorporate weight training in your life, the better you'll be able to adapt as you get into your 40s and so on.

Great figures over 40+!
Jill, Wendy, Colleen,                  Marlene, Ali, Lisa               Janine, Sue, Farah

Thanks Digby and Colleen for being superstars of our ‘cult' sport and explaining to the general public who don't truly understand the full benefits of bodybuilding.  You were great embassadors for the sport and no doubt you've inspired a few more people to take up weight training. 

You've definitely inspired me and showing me what is possible with a good attitude and healthy spirit!

Bring on old age!  well maybe not so fast :) 

Lisa, Go Figure
1 Nov 10

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