hi all, well I've too much food, not enough exercise but loved every minute of my mini getaway down to christchurch and Greymouth. Below are some happy snaps from the holiday and stories in store on Go Figure in the near future.

Matthew Gardyne, an awesome Greymouth 20 year old powerlifter who's off to represent N/z after only 8 months in the sport.

Amazing physique chick Lisa Bailey, who's packed on some nice mass and is preparing to compete at the NABBA/WFF Universe in June 2011. Wait till you see the video that I took of her while she was training.  Currently she's 74kg, need I say more!

Also caught up with rising star Steve Orton who won at 21 has already won 3 overall titles in the past 2 years.  We give you a glimpse of his muscles in action too.

So lots to do so Stay tuned!

10 Nov 10 

Holiday Snaps!

Love the drive to the west coast    
South Isl. Bench Press Champs at Fat Max's Gym  
Best little gym on the coast!    Karyn Kelly and Lynette Skeats     Me and Craig McGuigan 

left: Mathew Gardyne's
hunky profile soon

Lisa Bailey and Me. More on Lisa in Wonder Woman soon  
Steve Orton and Me. More on Steve soon  

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