Everytime I go to a show I’m always asked ‘are you going to compete again Lisa’.  I’m surrounded by athletes in great shape and I think ‘yes I’d love to do another show’. 

You see the pictures on Go Figure and you think I’d love to look as good as those girls for just one day. 

But then those thoughts of enthusiasm are usually followed by a few excuses which might sound familiar to some of you like: "I haven't got the time",  "I could never diet", "I'm too big", "I'm too small", "I can't focus", "I couldn't get up on stage in a bikini and high heels", "I can't walk in heels", "I get stage fright". My personal favourite is ‘I just can’t get up for the cardio "

Putting those excuses aside, you know you want to compete.  You want to look great in a bikini, you want to get all girly and get your hair and make up done, and get some great pics taken on the day.  Guys!  we know you want to get up there too with your 6 pack and rippling muscles.

Competing is a great experience and you should give it a go if its only once in your life.  And for some of you who’ve already competed, you know there’s another show in you, so you should come back and remind us what a great figure you have!


Not everyone has to be World Champ or Ms Olympia….be yourself
Its great to have figures and physiques that inspire you. Many of you have looked at the pictures of gorgeous girls that have featured on Go Figure and think wow I’d love to look like that.  These girls all started somewhere. They didn’t suddenly wake up one day and got their boulder shoulders, big backs and lean bodies but have worked hard over the years.  So just because you might not look like them in your first show or even your first year of competing, don’t think that you can’t reach your own level of perfection. Do your best in the first show and once that bug has bitten you, you won’t be able to help yourself and maybe compete again.

Focus on the positive
Yes training for a contest is hardwork which makes contest day all the more of an achievement.  The journey to the stage will throw up all sorts of dramas, challenges, aches and pains. Every competitor goes through this, even the seasoned ones.  Not everyday is going to be perfect and occasionally you might even fall off the wagon but there’s always the next meal or training session to get yourself back on track.


Think of all the good happy things that are happening because of your decision to compete:
- Having a goal to compete and following through with it will rub off onto everything you do in the future.

- You get to meet likeminded people. Bodybuilders come from all walks of life. It is an amazing subculture to be involved in. You'll meet some cool people and see some fantastic bodies. 

- Think how good you'll feel when your friends and family come to watch and are blown away at your transformation. If it is their first time at a show they will be caught up in the hype of it all and you will have contributed to this. It will make you proud that you've been part of it. 

- You get to see parts of your body you didn't know existed! 

- You might get placed or even come first and you can't swap that feeling for anything in the world! 

- You'll have photos to take away with you that will last for a lifetime 

Set a date and get help
Be realistic and don't make it too hard for yourself. Many athletes underestimate how long they’re going to take to get the bodyfat off and sometimes 3 months isn’t going to do it.  This is when they might have to do hours of cardio and severely diet and strip too much fat (and muscle) and get turned off by the whole contest experience.  What’s worse, its these people who end up packing on the weight straight after the show and never compete again. 

To make it easier on yourselves get advice from a trainer or nutritionist who can give you a realistic goal. Get into a bikini or trunks and show them exactly what body structure you have. Listen to them! If they believe it is in your best interests to give it a year rather than compete straight away then don't take it personally. Your final product will be so much better and your post competition bounce back will be much easier. Once you have your date start telling people and then there's no backing out. 


Work with your bodytype
Everybody is different.  Men and women come in all sorts of packages.  Some have great width, some can get super muscular, some can get lean at a drop of a hat (or carbs), some work hard but still can’t get the leanness. 

Instead of trying to make your body into something it might not want to, w
ork with what you have and do it safely.  Not everyone has the ability to get ripped or has the genes to get big as you diet. Work with what your body wants to do as you don’t need to bust your gut to get your body to somewhere where it might not want to go. 

We haven't forgotten about the physique girls and boys.  If you love the look of physique and your body can get down to show rippling physique then go for it.  Guys too.  However, some of you maybe more suited to 'athletic' or 'classic' if you haven't got the mass but can get lean. 

There are so many organizations in New Zealand right now that finding an organization that fits your bodytype is not going to be a problem.
 NABBA and NABBA/WFF love the lean muscular look for their figure girls.  INBA and ANB like their figures not as muscular but certainly love the fullness and leanness.  NZIFBB look for girls who are full and round without being too lean, but with a great structure and presentation.

There definitely is an organisation for you. Check out the contest calendar here. You just need to research to find which one. Look at photos of the athletes from different shows to see which one you’re most suitable for. 

Then do it!
Ask yourself what'sthe worst thing that could happen if you did decide to take the plunge and make the commitment? The pros far outweigh the cons. I'm sure that if you get up on that stage only once in your life and contributed to a show it would be a stand out experience.  Give yourself the gift of competing and channel all that hard work at the gym into something. You'll be happy you did!

As for me, I’m looking at my options and finding one that suits me.  Hopefully whatever I decide will be one that makes me and my body happy!

Will keep you posted.

29 March '11

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