Since I wrote the article on my newly discovered hormone issues last week, I've had a flood of emails and feedback from many viewers who are also going through similar issues.  I think this problem is perhaps more common in bodybuilders as we do tend to push ourselves to the physical and physiological limits!

left: Naera Johnson 
                     One athlete who has had to live with a thyroid issue is Naera Johnson. Here she tells us what she's had to endure since childhood since discovering she had underactive thyroid.  Thanks for contributing Naera! 

                     "I have suffered from Underactive Thyroid for many years and treat it with Medication. It is always a struggle for me to get lean when competing and usually have to diet along time to get to where I need to be.

I was diagnosed with Overactive Thyroid or Hyperthyroidism at age 15 years and had a Goiter (large lump in the throat area) and protruding eyes which is common with this disease, which is where the Thyroid Gland over produces the Thyroid Hormone.

This was treated with medication which kept it undercontrol but not cured until I was 21 when I had the choice of having surgery to remove part of the gland or have radio active iodine, which is administered orally and once in the blood stream causes some of the cells to cease to produce the hormone.
  Naera's organising the Club Physical
Health and Nutrition seminar on 10 December. 

Everyone from any gym welcome to attend!

To prevent recurrence of the disease, enough radioiodine is commonly given to cause an underactive thyroid within six to 12 weeks following treatment.

Once the thyroid becomes underactive, a single daily pill of thyroid hormone, T4, must be taken for life. Although most patients are completely cured, a few people will need a second treatment. Even if thyroid function returns to normal after radioactive iodine, there is a high likelihood that the thyroid will eventually become underactive. I had a double dose of this
treatment and soon after diagnosed with the Under active condition.

So this is where I am at forever now, underactive thryoid and on medication to control it forever...Regular blood test determine whether I need to raise or lower my dosage..

During Contest preparation it is neccessary for me to take fat burners as it is hard to get your heart rate up, and resting heart rate is usually very low.  50bpm or under.

I have heard of some people taking T4 to help with their contest preparation and to help with fat burning, but I would be very cautious as misuse of this can lead to Thyroid issues in the future."

Naera Johnson
30 November 11

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