Aahhhh nothing like a good old makeover to make one feel refreshed and have a new outlook on life, fitness and work. Since these three factors are so closely intertwined in my life ie most of my time is spent either thinking about what to put on Go Figure, gathering stories, pics and uploading on site or training Go Figurec clients. Go Figure is a big part of my life and alot of my time is spent on bringing you the full on site you see today.

left: enjoying some sunshine and much needed R&R in Palm Cove near Cairns


2011 was such a hectic year attending so many shows, no wonder it played havoc with my body sending my hormones out of whack and adding stress to many parts of my life. So now that the site has had a makeover, its time to give my body and life a makeover too so that my mind and body doesn't get back to the low ebb experienced end of last year.



Hormone Makeover. Some of you will have read about my hormone issue from last year. Well 2 months down the track and many potions and pills down the throat later, I'm glad to say I am feeling abit better and my energy levels have picked up. I've had many ladies emailing me with similar issues and I'm sure there are many more of you out there.

For those of you who have gone and got blood tests to check hormones and say they are ok, let me say this is not the best way to know if your hormones are working correctly or not. My first doctor did a blood test and it said my thyroid was fine but low and behold, when I had a saliva test done with my second doctor it showed it was underactive along with poor adrenals etc etc. So always get a second opinion ladies!!! Afterall you know if you're feeling well or not.

Coupled with the prescribed medication, I've also found the Clinicians Thyroid Support and Clinicians Stress and Energy Support amazing supplements that has really helped picked up my energy levels. So if you just need a pick me up and get a little prevention as well, try those two. And no I'm not sponsored by Clinicians. Maybe I should ask lol. I have also added extra Vitamin C (the body churns through it during stress) and lately have made myself sit in the sun for 10mins (when the sun is shining) so that I get adequate levels of Vitamin D in the system. Vitamin D is essential for the body to produce melanin which converts into Melatonin at night - a hormone which helps us sleep. And getting enough sleep helps our bodies recover and feels less stress and refreshed in the morning.


Which brings me to my next subject. The Body Makeover. Now that the internal system has had a medical makeover, its time to get the body looking like it too now that I'm feeling more energetic in the morning.

Since 26 December 11 ( I couldn't be bothered waiting till 1 Jan) I've put myself on a cardio challenge and see if I can get leaner. Figured with the concoctions inside me, surely the fat will now be dripping off me lol.
left: forcing myself to rest and getting in some vitamin D to help with the hormones


As part of my challenge, I've wanted to incorporate a variety of exercises to shock the body and also have some fun along the way. So me and my mate Nat, who's a running machine and yoga guru, have been to try the step and spin classes to push ourselves. And it was fun! So coupled with my daily morning 45min bike or walk/jog, weight sessions and daily walks with Trix, I'm glad to say that I've actually dropped 2.5kg in 3 weeks. At least something's moving right? A good start but it will be a long journey until I'm an Amazon.   I have good days and bad days where I have absolutely no energy so I have to pace myself so have to plan for the high energy days, but generally things are going great.

The Mind Makeover is going to be the hardest part of my makeover missions. Or should I say to make time to dedicate to get in tune with my mind is going to be a challenge. I've always had trouble relaxing, prefering to work on the computer or watching TV in my downtime. So this year my mission will be to have a cut off time at night to stop working on the computer, which means sometimes some show photos won't be up as speedy as what they have been - but I'm sure you'll understand the need for me to stay relaxed in the long term.

The other part is for me to do more mind relaxing things like Yoga and luckily I have Nat to help me - and you Go Figure viewer. Nat is our newest contributor in the Rest and Relaxation room, she's a bowen therapist and yoga instructor and she's a vegetarian. Figures right?!! but she's cool and she loves weight training, well doesn't love it especially when I inflict pain on her. She will have lots of tips and mind relaxing ideas to help us relax and get intune with our minds.

left: Nat and Me doing Spin


The stage is set for my Makeover year. A year of better work/life balance and a better functioning body - I hope.

If you have big plans this year for yourself make sure you put the ground work in place so that you can achieve your goals too.  Whether it be to lose weight, compete or achieving a better lifestyle get yourself physically in good shape.  Go to doctor and get a physical check up and get blood tests done to see if you're functioning well.  
If everything is good then you have nothing to worry about and you can start the year fit and healthy, if you discover something is lacking then you can do something about it.  Better to know than not know.

Next, schedule a balance between your work and fitness life so that you lessen the stresses in those areasSure its harder to achieve but if you really want to achieve success, you have to plan carefully to make it work.
Talk to your family and friends and tell them your plans, ask for help.  Us women aren't very good at that as we do want to do it all, or at least expected to do it all with a smile on our faces.  But this is your year and you need to do what you have to to get that body or lifestyle you want.

Then contact a nutritionist/personal trainer to get your goals underway.  Let them have the stress of shaping you rather you trying to figure things yourself.  All you need to do is put in the effort in the gym and the kitchen.  Easy!

Hope the above will be helpful as you get your own makeover under way this year.
Let's go for it!!!

Lisa Menzies
January 2012

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