The New Year is here!. The time of year when we ponder the past and evaluate our achievements (and perhaps failures) last year and when we vow to better ourselves this year. It is usually the time when we make resolutions for the year with the hope of achieving them.

 What's your resolution this year?

Maybe you want to lose weight, to live healthier, quit smoking, compete in that fun run you've always talked about or even give bodybuilding a go.


Look Inside. Whatever your resolution is, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically so that you can achieve it. You need to look deep inside yourself to ask yourself "is it worth it?".

If you are not prepared to make the changes necessary to achieve your goal then there is no point bothering with a resolution as your self esteem will only suffer as a result of your failure to commit to it.

Choose which is the most important for you to achieve and take action to do it. You can always add more to your list once you have got your first resolution under control.

                 One thing at a time. You're not Superman or Wonder Woman (yet).
So you want to quit smoking, lose weight and be healthy this year?
If you're currently out of shape then the above resolutions is going to be very stressful to achieve if you tackle them all at once. 

Choose one goal first and make a deliberate attempt to stick to it.


Write it down. There's no point keeping your resolution in your head. You need to transform your idea into action by writing it down. This will make your resolution real. It doesn't have to be a long essay, just a few sentences which will be the impetus for your action. However, it does have to be specific, realistic, achievable

Want to lose weight? Make a Plan. Once you have a resolution you need to take the steps that will make it happen. For example, your resolution is perhaps losing weight.

Losing weight is just the outcome so you need to write down what you are
prepared to do to lose it, this may include:
1) I will do at least 4, half hour cardio sessions each week
2) I will do more regular weight training workouts
3) I will snack on good nutritious food during the day
4) I'll cut down on junk food
5) I'll listen to my Personal Trainer!!

  Competitive Bodybuilding?

Competitive bodybuilding is going to prove a very hard task both physical and mentally as it requires total commitment.
Bodybuilding is a good goal because it give you a time frame to work in, and if you already enjoy working out then a contest will give you an added incentive to train harder.

The steps you may take to achieve your bodybuilding goals are:

1) I WANT to compete!
2) I will have to go on a diet and will have to stick to my diet
3) I will get up early to do cardio
4) I will get in contact with other competitors for moral support
5) I will only have one cheat meal a week
6) I will listen to my Personal Trainer!!

As you can see, resolutions don't have to be ground breaking statements. Just practical steps you need to achieve your ultimate goal of weight loss or competition. Once you have written your resolutions, your chances of achieving your goal will greatly increase.


The New Year is a great time to write down your goals because it gives you a fresh outlook on what you want to achieve this year. Resolutions is a good way to put focus on what makes you happy and a direction on how you want to achieve them.

It gives you a sense of purpose and rewards once you have achieved them.  The key is choosing specific and positive tasks that you know you have the potential and ability to achieve as this will spur you on for bigger and bolder challenges.

Make the most of the new beginning as it only comes once a year!

Lisa, Go Figure

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