Let’s start by pointing out the obvious, I highly recommend you see a personal trainer who will design a program specifically designed to your ability and health, of course I’m going to say that, I’m a PT that has a ton of experience getting beginner clients up off the couch and into a size smaller. 
But if you’re a total couch potato, you might be feeling really nervous about the beginning of your fitness journey and really scared about even letting someone else know that you want to get a sweat up.
It might be due to all the times you have failed before, your obvious lack of ability or all those biggest loser episodes you have watched eating ice cream and seeing Bob and Gillian make their clients throw up might have put you off, I can totally understand this, I see clients’ on a daily basis that are just too scared to go into a gym!

So I’m going to give you some really basic steps on how you can get started, grow your confidence and you might just love the person you start changing into and I’m sure you will love the changes your body takes on. 

Decide first how you want to start, what do you think you want to try? Have you done running in the past, cycling or do you like the look of Zumba.

If the idea of a class of some kind gets your interest up then check out local gyms, YMCA’s, church halls and parks to see what they have going on, most places in NZ have something .

An event is also the perfect way to get started, for a total beginner there are usually duathlons that are a very manageable size running throughout the year in most areas that would be an excellent goal. Something like 3.5k run or walk-10km bike-1.5km run or walk.

You really need a minimum of 4 days exercise a week to start to see results and get your aerobic fitness up,  so set out your week with the times you have available and what you want to attend or what you are training for

Example – Duathlon 3.5k run or walk-10km bike-1.5km run or walk

Monday-rest day

Tuesday- cycle

Wednesday- body weight workout- start with the basics, Push ups, squats, Tricep dips, lunges, donkey kicks, bicycle crunch for abs- these are a small collection of a huge number of easy to do basics that will get you started.

Thursday- rest day

Friday- light run

Saturday- mini duathlon: start with a small fraction of the distance that you will one day achieve; as you become fitter increase the distances.

Sunday- long run, for a beginner this could be a block but try to run as long as you can then walk for the remainder of a 40minute time period

If you have decided on a running event then for most major events there is usually always a 12 week program to follow that will help guide you.

If you’re stuck for ideas or lacking a bit of confidence sometimes the best thing you can do is get a mate to join you, after all everything always much more fun with two.

Good luck!

Natasha Guy
Personal Trainer

Natarsha is a Personal Trainer based in Dunedin and she is currently training to compete in a figure show in May!

Find out more about Tarsh at www.balanceforlife.co.nz

  • • Catch fitness best personal trainer 2008,
  • • Fitnesslife Up and coming personal trainer (SI) runner up 2008
  • • Fitnesslife up and coming personal trainer (SI) winner 2009
  • • February/March NZ fitness magazines personal trainer of the month 2010
  • • September 2010 competed in IFBB South Island Champs

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