Spring is here, sun is out, you're in a happier mindset so what a great time to change your training plan to keep making changes to your body.

You may have been hibernating in the winter, didn't feel like going to gym or didn't go as often as you should have.  A couple of kgs have somehow snuck on and its time to get the fat off before it sticks or even worse,  you pile more weight on!
So to help you on your way, I've outlined a simple weekly training plan.  OK, its not quite simple and is aimed at the more intermediate level gym bunny who's been training for a few years.  But if you've just started at the gym, try and do the plan but perhaps just do 2 sets per exercise.  The plan aims to increase muscle mass while helping you get leaner.  You'll notice there's an extra day to focus on the butt as that's usually our most stubborn body part, right ladies?!

Get going!


Day 1- Monday-LEGS + 20min incline treadmill walk
3 sets 15 of leg extensions
superset with 3 x 15 shoulder width leg press
3 x 15 One legged lunge ie back leg on bench, other leg forward
3 x 15 narrow stance squats
superset with 3 x stiff legged dumbell dead lifts
3 x 20 steps of walking lunges

Day 2- Tuesday- SHOULDERS/TRICEPS + 20min interval bike
3 X 8-10 reps dumbell shoulder press
3 x 8-10 reps lateral raise superset with 3 x 8-10 rear lateral raise
3 x 10 arnold press
3 x 15 rope triceps extensions superset with 3 x 15 db skull crushers
3 x 15 db kick backs or cable kickbacks
3 x 15 triceps push-ups

Day 3-Wednesday-BACK/BICEPS + 20min sprint and walk
3 x 10 wide grip pull down superset with 3 x 10 low cable rows
3 x 12 T bar row
3 x 10 V grip pulldown
3 x 15 superman and/or hyperextension
3 x 15 standing db biceps curls
3 x 15 incline db curl or cable high bicep curls

Cardio: 20 minutes.
2 minute warm up
13 x 45 second sprints at level 10 and up with 45 second rest
5 minute walk

Day 4-Thursday-LEGS/Butt focus + 20min incline treadmill walk
4 x 10 Deadlifts or 4 x 10-15 cable squats
4 x 10 leg curls superset with 4 x 10 weight step ups on bench
4 x 10 single leg split squat superset 4 x 10 sumo squat with weight
4 x 10 weighted hip bridge

Day 5-Friday-CHEST/arms
3 x 12 lying down dumbell pullovers superset 3 x 15 incline db press
3 x 15 push-ups on bosu
3 x 12 cable chest flys superset 3 x 12 Standing tricep extensions
2 x 21's barbell bicep curls
2 x 20 triceps extensions with dumbbell
3 x 15 Preacher curls superset with Tricep pushdowns

Day 6- Saturday. 30min walking up stadium stairs + 20min walk afterwards

Trixie loves stairs day!

Day 7-Sunday REST

Happy training!
Lisa, Go Figure

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