After seeing all the pics of the great bodies on Go Figure you've made it your mission to get yourself into tip top shape in 2013.  But how do you actually realise your fitness goals?  Here's some tips to get you started: 
1. Involve family and friends in your plan
Don't underestimate the power of physical and emotional support. The more help you can manage the better your chances of success.

2. Container it

Plan for the inevitable. If good food isn't available, bring some of your own. This step involves shopping and preparing ahead of time. Get organised and stop making excuses. Only shop in the 'outside' of the supermarket, avoid the aisles.

3. No condiment calories

Eliminate ALL add-on calories like butter, sugar, mayo etc. These can add up fast and completely sabotage an otherwise solid approach.

4. Water only

Drink nothing with calories. It's not unusual for an average person to consume 1000 calories per day here. Switch to water or diet drinks. Make it your goal to drink 2-3 750ml pump bottles of water EVERY day (remember water suppresses hunger).

5. Never get hungry

Don't allow hunger to overwhelm, munch on something healthy before you throw all caution to the wind. A stitch in time saves... eat every 3 hours to avoid your blood sugar level dropping ie. when it does you crave carbohydrates and sugar.

6. Almost every day

Workout in small doses, for a few minutes, as much as you can. Consistency and adequate intensity will get great results. Walk, weight train, wash the car, power walk on the beach... find an activity you enjoy and commit to it everyday.

7. Stop making excuses
I don't have enough time, I'm too busy, are just two of the excuses we hear every day.
Make yourself accountable to YOURSELF and stop with all the drama - at the end of the day you need to learn to take responsibility for your own health. Stop being lazy and get active. Schedule time for exercise and make it a priority only then do you really feel good about yourself and your health.
8. A task worth doing
Make sure you're training according to established protocol. Be safe and avoid a sidelining injury.
Start with a warm up and always use good form.
Complete your training with stretches after your cardio or weights.
9. Curb your enthusiasm
Most beginners tend to break into a full sprint right out of the box. Don't overdo early on, save some for later. Results will follow. You're not going to achieve the same results as someone who has been training 5-10 years. Be realistic, it takes time but if you aren't consistent then it is not going to work. Consistency is the key to your success.
10. Have a back up plan
Develop a shortcut-routine that you can squeeze in anytime. Besides the physical benefits, it's important to keep momentum going. If you only get to the gym once that week (instead of your usual 3-5 times) then do an all over body workout. Doing some kind of workout is better than doing nothing at all.

Lisa Go Figure
October 2012

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