Kerfuffels and chaos. We all go through them at some point in our daily or weekly lives in your work, family or social lives.  You know those events that cause a disorder to our peaceful state of well being.  Events that cause your blood pressure to rise, heart rate goes a little higher than it should and cause you stress.

When I go through these chaotic times one thing that has kept me sane has been training and bodybuilding.

above: aside from Bodybuilding, my dog Trixie's also a constant cardio force in my life

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's used bodybuilding as their rudder to keep calm in stormy times, so you'll know what I'm talking about and the peaceful feeling the routine of training and dieting gives you.

What I've learned about these kerfuffles is that it takes the energy from the things I actually want to do.

Don't get me wrong I love doing what I do and at the moment I have alot to do.  Right now I have clients programmes to write, help out with the expo and the spectacular show in July and September, keep up the website with interesting things for you to read, all the while also being chief label sticker and postie for the Go Figure Low Carb Pasta.  So yes its full on for me right now!

However the kerfuffel has really made me think I'm wasting way too much energy worrying about things and have not been focusing on myself.  Even before the kerfuffle, I'd always thought about getting myself into shape again but didn't really have the fuel or desire for myself to do it as I had so many things I had to do for other people.

About 3 weeks ago I found the switch and I've found the focus I needed to get my A into G.  I've found an extra gear in my training and have even made myself to do morning cardio.  Those who know me how much I hate doing it so quite chuffed with myself that I've been consistant in doing it.  Only 4 times a week for 30mins, but that's all I need to do as things are changing for me anyway.


Ofcourse you can't change your shape without changing your nutrition.  I eat pretty clean all year round anyway so all I needed to do at this stage was just to start weighing my food properly and initially cut out steak and salmon for a few weeks to get my fat content down. 

Diet is generally high protein, low carb.  So nothing different I would tell my clients. Or what athletes would normally eat on a fat loss diet

In 2 weeks, I'm a 1kg down.  Happy with that and if I can do 1/2kg a week with my current plan, I'd be happy.

For the past few years I'd been dealing with Adrenal Fatigue, thyroid problems and various other hormone related issues but I think I've finally got this sorted and things seem to be ticking along and I'm feeling good.  In the past when I've been trying to get lean I've also come down with a sickness or infection as my immunity wasn't very strong, so now with more time knowing how my body responds I'm better at knowing when to back off training. 

I have tried to do lots of cardio before while getting lean but I just did not feel good at all and generally felt exhausted so I'll be approaching things abit differently and let my muscles do the work in the gym instead.


One of the keys to achieving the body I'd like is taking in the right supplementation and making sure I have to the right vitamins and minerals and that my body has all that it needs to train and recover so I don't feel so exhausted.

Thankfully my sponsor Topmark Nutrition have got all the basics for me to stay nourished.  I would highly recommend the basics in your programme which should include:

- whey protein (love Optimum Coffee flavour)
- multivitamin (Opt Women by Optimum Nutrition)
- L-Glutamine
- BCAAs (Magnum DNA - these have been great to help me maintain my mass!)
- Universal ZMA Pro for a great night's sleep
- Pro Biotic for healthy digestion and immunity


In addition I recommend for women to take Clinicians DIM aka Women's Hormone Support.  This will help with moving fat around the hip and waist area.

I'm also trialling gcbLean, Green Coffee Bean Extract by Bio Genetic.   Dr Oz raves about Green Coffee Bean for its fat loss properties so I thought I'd give this product a go and so far so good.  I've found that its helped me not feel so hungry and I can feel it 'buzzing' in my body an hour or so after taking it.

Needless to say Go Figure Low Carb Pasta is definitely on my fat loss plan.  What is the point of bringing in a tonne of it if I don't use it myself right!  I mainly have this at my dinner time so that it keeps me feeling full until my shake before bedtime.

All in all, I'm in a happy and calm space for my training and dieting.


Its ironic that if I hadn't had the chaos I probably wouldn't have found this peace. So I think the Universe does things for a reason and that I'm meant to focus this energy into myself.

I haven't decided if I'm going to - or if I want to compete - as I just want to do this for me right now.

left: please excuse my colourful round the house outfit :)

So that is where I'm at.  I'm not about to put up selfies or booty shots of myself in short shorts - or suddenly put 'athlete' after my name lol but you'll know I'll be plugging away in my own corner of the world doing what I want to do.

Fingers crossed there won't be any more kerfuffels but if there is one, I'll be better prepared from my new calm.

Hope this has helped you if you've been through your own dramas, would love to know how you coped and if bodybuilding helped you to focus.

Come to the Go Figure Facebook page to let me know.

Happy training!
Lisa, Go Figure
May 2013

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