I Heart Tin!

G’Day Girls and welcome to the first post of “I Heart Tin”. My aim for these posts is to introduce the unknown arenas of the gym to you so you gain a little bit of familiarity and start to love lifting weights and going to the gym as much as I do.
First things first, I thought I would share what happens in an average UNIT day. At the moment, I am winding down from a huge couple of months entering in the Sports Model comp (if you are even thinking about it –just enter it, it’s awesome) and series of Group Fitness national presentations of new choreography for our Les Mills programs.

I have 4 weeks until I fly to Sweden for what we call Super Saturday, an international Les Mills event. I am contemplating some other shows I may like to do that fit my personality, though the calendar year for competitions is winding to a close so I better hurry up.

There is also the exciting Go Figure Games Lisa is organising which is pretty hush hush at the moment, but from what she's telling me its going to be exciting and fun.  And you don't need to wear a bikini or be in heels, and you can eat.  My kind of event! That could be a good physical challenge and goal for us Units to build up to.

Day in the Life of Unit

5.15am wake up, eat- love meat and nuts in the morning…good protein and good fats and oils to kick-start my brain. So easy as well, as I just save some of last night’s dinner.

Today is chicken and cashews. Check my diary and read the ‘Word for Today’ and related Bible verses. 600am PT sessions with my early morning risers.

Today I am seeing a fabulous lady who is on a personal journey to better fitness 7:10 RPM Les Mills Auckland city, 45 minute interval class on an indoor bike that is as good for your legs as it is for your fitness. Monday morning is hard sometimes so I love seeing these guys commit to a hard workout week in and week out

830 shower 1 of the day, kiwifruit post RPM and a shake, ON whey- Vanilla flavour Café meeting with friends from the gym- I am a caffeine fiend and currently trying coffee free. Hmmmmmm, it is hard, I love coffee and catching up with friends.

The Unit takes the Les Mills CX Worx Class

9:00 train clients. Today I am seeing a beautiful model looking lean man who wants a little more muscle, an absolute athlete and we are doing strength pyramids of chest and back, last week she pressed 18kg dumb bells! She is little… 155cm and super strong. Lastly is one of my founding clients who has grown in confidence as her strength and gym awareness has grown.

10:30 a handful of nuts to keep me going

1240 CX WORX class- 30 min class for athletic core function, better posture as well as the aesthetics of a 6 pack. This class work hard and their technique has improved so much through their own body awareness and determination

1:30 shower. 2 then lunch- Today tuna, cabbage- red, green salad and kumara

Planning afternoon of paperwork and writing this, confirming appointments in diary as well as learning new choreography for classes. I am also planning my own weights sessions and next phase of training. I have a brilliant, knowledgeable friend who I will start training with next week as she has a different skill set in weights training to mine so we are looking at getting my posture assessed and periodising my next phase of training so I do not burn out. This week is my downtime week.

3:30 snack, 4 rice thins and small bit of chicken about 50g and peanut butter… I love rice thins, has anyone tried rice cakes with chocolate? Yuuuuuuum! I also love sundried tomato thins.

600pm dinner, tonight roast chicken, pumpkin, cabbage, I love it, maybe some broccoli, coconut cream, Go figure Low carb Angel hair pasta and onion.

left: Lisa keeps the beastly Unit fed with nutritious food and supps.


The way to my husband’s heart is very much through food so when I have the night off, I love to cook him a healthy, meaty meal. Chill and pack bag for tomorrow- I am uber diligent in this and triple check everything from all my PT sessions being planned, to spare batteries, clothes, mic belts and I-pods…all fully charged. My clients probably would not think this as I have been known to often wear mismatching socks.

8.30pm incredible sweet tooth…. I love chocolate. Tonight I had some 70% dark chocolate. If I am really hungry I'll make a protein dessert. Some jelly crystals or just water, protein powder mix and freeze and pop some blueberries in….yum!

900-930 sleep, I am a nana. So welcome to this world of mine. Let me know any questions you have in relation to the gym and training and we will look at tackling these head on with these articles. Get in that pit and go lift some weights.


The Unit's Current Workout

Current circuit 2-3x week on alternate days.

Trap bar deadlift, bar+30kg x10, Tempo; 1:0:3:0, explosive up to stand, controlled down to groundhigh pulls, olympic bar +20kg, 1:0:2:1, x 8 explosive and pause to re-set,

Mrs and Mr Unit

Bar pulls; reverse grip or neutral grip pull-ups on assist machine, x 10 1:0:3:0

Push ups- military arms, so elbows back on angle and chest to ground, toes x 12 just rep them with control, trying for 1:0:3:0

Incline Leg press 100-120, 1:0:1:0, x 25...... spew

Repeat 3-4x with 2-3 minutes between circuit rounds.

My aim, power and strength, just muscle up and push tin time efficiently. It is all over in 45ish minutes.

Hearts, Unit


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