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G’Day Girls.
Are you ready to hit the gym, park… even the lounge room? Good- we have summer to get ready for! If you can’t get into the gym or don’t even belong to one, here is a basic bodyweight circuit you can follow to get stronger.

With the weather improving and daylight savings having officially kicked in, what better way to get fit than NOW?

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Why not use this circuit as a start in your preparation for the Bikini Contest Go Figure is holding on the Go Figure Awards on 16th November?

The following strength workout can be completed 2-3x a week on alternate days. For example, train Monday, train Wednesday and train Friday.

On the strength free days you might like to try the HITT style workout below for your cardiovascular fitness. Always schedule 1-2 days exercise free so that you do not burn out. The exercises are to be completed circuit style.

That means you complete the targeted reps for each individual exercise before moving onto the next one. Keep moving from exercise to exercise until the end of the list and then take the prescribed rest. Aim to complete the entire circuit 3-4x depending on your strength and fitness.


Bodyweight circuit
-Lunges x10-12 each leg
-Push ups, any variety or mix together a combination x10-15
-Air squats/ sumo squats x15-20
-Tricep dips x12-15 -Step ups x15 each leg
-1 leg deadlift/ aeroplane, x10-12 each leg
- Hip Bridge (Jane Fonda), x15
-Plank 30-60 second hold
 Rest 1-2minutes and repeat 20minutes HITT cardio (high intensity interval training)

Watch the video below to see the Sexy Unit in action as she shows you how to perform the various exercises correctly... and see her impersonation of Jean Claude Van Dam!

You choose- run, walk, cycle, skip, swim. HITT is awesome as it is time efficient and enables you to get fit fast. I favour running as it is free, a good way to get into the outdoors and invigorating. It is also what I am weakest at. I have never moved fast.

I have a route I like to run that I know takes me about 20 minutes and includes things like stairs and hills which will naturally act like HITT training for my body as the energy demand to conquer those obstacles during my run naturally demands more effort from my cardiovascular system. If you prefer to work out to details try this:

2minute warm up at 60% perceived rate of exertion (1= asleep, 10= maximum possible effort)
- 1min at 70%
- 1min at 80%
- 1min at 90%
- 1 min at 100%, all-out effort
Repeat the prescribed above 4 times and then a 2 minute cool down at 50-60%.....done! As well as challenged.


Bikini Body Nutrition
Clean up the eating- which does not mean diet or eat nothing, but rather eat natural food frequently, a portion of protein, carbohydrates and some good fats with every meal 4-5 times a day. As well as eating balanced and getting the right nutrients, your energy will be less likely to shoot high and crash low with a regular food intake.


One question I am constantly asked is what to eat. There is no right answer for every person. We have different tastes and hormonal responses to the food we eat. One thing I always recommend is to eat real food, so that means food you could grow, pick or hunt.

Post strength training it is a good idea to have a whey shake to ensure the right nutrients,that is protein, gets into your body. This will encourage your body to retain muscle which we want girls. The more muscle we make and maintain the more we increase our metabolism and burn the fat.

I am loving ON French vanilla flavour at the moment. It is also a good flavour for me to mix into a pancake for a Bikini babe dessert at the end of the day.

Oh yes, us UNITS still have dessert.

See the recipe below.


  Protein Pancake
1 scoop ON protein powder 150ml/ 3-6 egg whites
Mix together with a fork until frothy, pour mixture into a heated fry pan and cook. I like mine quite crispy and brown on top. A wee trick a foodie friend taught me is to whisk the mixture thoroughly and cover the fry pan with a tea towel while cooking the pancake. It makes the pancake swell and look massive!

Serve on plate and enjoy. I like to spread a layer of nut butter over the pancake as well as make a protein paste.

Mix a little protein powder with a tiny amount of water or milk to make the paste. Drizzle the protein paste over the top of the pancake and nut butter, it is the bomb-diggity of deliciousness.

Until next time…
Hearts, UNIT
October 2013

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