My Tips on getting that Fitness Model Body!

Breaking through the mental barriers The first step is breaking through those mental barriers! The mind has all the power as to whether you achieve your goals or not. What you think, you become so instead of looking at all the things you don't like about yourself focus on the things you love!

You have to get up everyday and tell yourself you can do this! When you first wake is when your brain is most alert (for most of us!) so this is the best time to give yourself that positive boost!

Whether it is a competition, photo shoot, party/event, that dress you want to feel amazing in, lock it in your calendar!

Measure your progress. It's important to measure your progress as you go along to give yourself true and unbiased feedback. Measurement can be an incredible motivator because it cannot lie to you.
Set specific goals and target dates. Once you have that positive mind set you need to set a specific goal and time frame to achieve this in. It is important that you not only set a realistic goal for yourself, but that you also set a specific target date in which you want to have it accomplished by.


  Take a "before" picture. This will demonstrate where you are at the beginning of your journey. Trust me, my progress pictures have motivated me when nothing else will!

left; Kates own amazing transformation 2009 (left) to 2012 (right)
Pictures. Pick out pictures of fit people and put them in places where you will see them constantly. Choose images of those who have physiques you aspire to, but who also have similar body types as you do.

Create a FOCUS
bulletin board in your office. Print out motivational quotes and pictures that keep you focused.


Keep a Journal. It's important that you track your progress so that you keep going. My Fitness Pal is an app I find quite handy for this. It keeps you on track and sometimes you don't realise how much you have actually eaten until it's written down in a journal.

Small Rewards. Every week you should reward yourself with a "cheat meal." Note that is a cheat meal, not cheat day. The idea is that once a week you get to use one meal to eat anything you want. This way you won't feel as though you are depriving yourself. But be careful that you get right back on track, so that you don't set yourself back from all the progress you just made. Keep in mind that in the next week, you can look forward to another cheat meal.


Progress, not perfection. Many times when someone messes up on their diet or program they will have the mentality that the entire program is blown. The thought goes something like this,

"Well, I just messed up, so I might as well eat whatever I want and start over next week."

Keep in mind that your program is about progress, not perfection. You want to maintain a diet and program that can become lifestyle. Just get right back on track and keep going. You are only human.


The Work Out Plan at a glance. If you are new to exercise I would recommend getting a trainer to show you how to safely perform each exercise and give you the correct technique.

When I am prepping for a comp I would typically perform x4-5 weight training sessions a week working x2 muscle groups at a time completing 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps.

On top of that I like to get in 1 cardio session a day which is usually taking my dog out for a run or instructing a group fitness class. However 2 weeks out of a comp I usually pick this up to x2 cardio sessions a day.

Kate uses Top Secret products and Go Figure Low Carb Pasta to help shape her figure!

Nutrition. This is one of the keys to the success of your fitness model body and I believe one of the hardest to get right! I believe in everything in moderation year round however in the lead up to a comp I (try to!) become a lot stricter with what I eat. I also use supplements to help with the fat burning process.

At the moment I am using my amazing Top Secret Nutritions L-Carnitine and Jitter Free Fat Burner and add Go Figure Low Carb Pasta to my meals at dinner time to help me feel full and fend off any cravings later in the night.

Here are some guidelines I like to follow:

Eat 6 times a day (small portions) eating regularly will speed-up your Metabolism and prevent binges from happening. If you can't get a full meal in (your at work etc) go for a protein shake (only 1 scoop) mixed with water and a piece of fruit - easy!

Breakfast. Make sure you have something for breakfast! Breakfast fuels your body so that you experience more energy throughout the day. The word breakfast means just that: "to break fast." After a lengthy rest, which is to say 8 hours. It also stimulates and maintains your metabolism. Plan ahead This is essential if you're going to succeed. Take a few minutes the night before to determine what foods you will consume throughout the next day.

Drink 3litres of water a day and for every hour of cardiovascular activity you do you need to add an extra litre on top of that, if you are de-hydrated your body cannot function at 100%. A good way to judge this is looking at your wee's, it should be clear (not yellow) :-P

Eat Protein at every meal protein like meat, fish, egg whites, cottage cheese, protein shakes will not only fill you up but is good for your hair, skin, teeth & bones!


A Final Word of Encouragement!

Remember, this lifestyle is all about progress, not perfection. The goal is for you to make gradual lifestyle changes that will help you get into better physical shape and health. Day by day, week-by-week, one "step" at a time, keep making progress!

Kate Gorman Fitness Model and Personal Trainer
November 2013

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