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One wise woman once said to me 'Lisa, people are going to remember for your body, they're going to remember you for your passion for fitness'. And she's right.

We were talking about our struggles with our hormones and my complaining about how I've never been able to get the leanness I try to get.  I'll probably complain till I'm a 100, but its the struggle and the challenge that keeps me going.

She did put things in perspective for me and I should be glad that eventhough my body won't do what I want it to, at least I've aged rather well... like a Goddess should! 

The above left pic shows pic from my 1999 drivers license.  Doesn't everyone take a pic of of their license?!  yes I'm vain.  Right pic is recent pic of me.  I'm pretty proud that I haven't changed too much in 15 years and I think I look better today than my young self. 

Like most girls. I just want to look young forever and never grow old. I've always hated birthdays and aging. Finding those extra little lines around my eyes every year but with that comes being wise.  So they say! 

I've never really thought of myself as any type of role model or an authority, I'm just someone who enjoys fitness and sharing my knowledge and life with equally passionate people.  But I guess, since I've been in the industry for such a long time, I have become 'that person' and people expect me to know stuff that I've gathered through the years.

So here is my effort in being wise and sharing with you how I try very very hard to fend off father time and the aging process to stay a Goddess.


* Have a passion.
Having a goal or purpose in life/a hobby is extremely important for a healthy happy life.  With a goal, you have a reason to get up and work towards.  Sure, you're not going to be on a high everyday believe me I've been there.  But even on my most down days its weight training that's kept me feeling happy and getting me out of the doldrums.

For you it might be running, aerobics or even table tennis.  Whatever it is, have a passion as that'll keep you happy for life!

* Don't go on fad diets

This is a biggie.  There's been so many crazy diets over the years and so many people have been crazy enough to on them.  Instead of going for what's the 'in' right now, choose an eating regime that suits you and your activity.  For me, I've been on a bodybuilding oriented eating plan for over 10 years. I've also felt better on higher fat and protein and low carbs so I've stuck with that and managed to maintain my weight.  Doesn't mean to say I don't have alot of carbs. I do!  I just plan for it during the week if I'm going out and indulge without feeling guilty about it.

If you're a vegetarian, stick with it. If Paleo suits you, go for it.  If you need to eat bread and potatoes, then make sure you know how to work it as part of your day. Just be consistant with your eating and ofcourse on how you're going to work it off so you can enjoy your life.

I love rice and the occasional pizza but most of my diet is high protein, low carb with lots of vegs!


 * Be Natural
This is the combination of eating food as natural as possible and not using chemicals on my body.  I rarely eat out of packets and I usually make food from scratch. I'm not a great cook but I'm certainly careful about what I put in my body and usually steam or stirfry my food. 

I have allergies so I try and keep all my cleaning products as chemical free as possible. I love eco store products as they are low allergenic.  I've used their their Shampoo, soap and detergents for a long time and love it.

I hardly use any products on my skin.  Hardly wear any makeup. I think this helps in keeping my skin in good condition.  Plus some genetics help in this area too.  Thanks Mum and Dad!

I would also extend natural to being your authentic self.  Be who you are rather trying to please others.  Stick to your ethics.  Sometimes this will work for you, sometimes not.  But you'll end up being a happier person.


* Walk Daily
To some of you I'm already preaching to the converted.  But to others who are just finding the benefits of movement, this advice is for you!  All you need to do is 30minutes of walking a day.  Doesn't have to be strenuos.  It can be in segments of 10min each time or 2 lots of 15min.  This will help your health and well being no end.

These days I'm harding doing any strenous cardio sessions which raises my heartrate as I find it too stressful on my body.  I'm just walking my dog about an hour a day at an easy pace and I find this to be all I need to relax my and body to keep my hormones happy.

* Get plenty of sleep
I know this is easier to said than done with our stressful lives but sleep is so important in the recovery process and helping you look youthful. When possible I try to get out in the sun and get Vitamin D, having adequate Vitamin D helps with enhancing melatonin in the body which in turn helps you sleep.  So Trixie and I get out there when we can.  She more than me and that's why sleeps so much.  I also take magnesium tablets throughout the day plus extra ZMA before bed to give me that knockout blow and I get a great night sleep!


Don't sweat the small stuff
You've heard this many times I'm sure.  I've been through this many times over the years and eventually its all small stuff.  At the time the drama burns a hole in you and makes you so mad that it stresses you out. It gives you wrinkles and bad sleep. You have to learn to let it go because all its doing is making you turn ugly like the thing that caused it.

Best thing to do is let it go.  It may take days, weeks or a year. But eventually you'll realise its all small stuff and nothing to worry about.  Life and universe has a way of putting things back in balance and you're guaranteed something better will come in place of that toxic situation.

Blast from the past


This is just a brief insight into some of the factors that have helped me fend off father time. 

I think as Head Goddess, I have definitely earned my stripes and its my duty to keep you informed with how you can stay a youthful Goddess too so I'll be focusing on that in future Go Figure updates.

Have a great week Goddesses.

p.s I'm sure by now you're wondering how old is Head Goddess.  Well she can't actually put it down in numbers side by side.  But her age is 5 minus 1. And 4 plus 1.  Put those side by side and that's the number.

If anyone says that number out loud or on fb, you'll be struck down with lightening as thats the kind of power I have!!

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