Get into a routine Set aside a specific block of time for your gym workouts. Train about the same each day so that you and your body are used to the routine. If possible, train at a gym near your home or work so it's not an inconvenience to get there.  
Be Prepared! Organising your exercise gear and food the night before is a great start to your workout programme. Maybe you can keep some exercise clothes in the car or at work. Storing some food at work is also a good plan so you don't have to prepare too much at home. If you have everything at the ready, you're more likely to be prepared for a great workout!

Getting there. Do you sometimes talk yourself out of working out? Here's a little mind trick. Just promise yourself you'll just go for 5 minutes then you can stop. However, once you're there and get over the first 5 minutes you won't want to stop!

Pre Workout Nutrition. About 2 hours prior to working out have an easily digestible protein and carbohydrate rich meal. Nothing too heavy that will weigh you down during training though. A whey protein drink and an apple would be a good pre- workout meal for female weight trainers.

Training Plan. Before you get to the gym check with your training diary to see exactly what you are doing that session. Look at the best weights and reps you did the previous workout and focus on doing better this time. Granted, you won't be able to lift the same heavy weights day after day but this will give you a guide as what is possible for that workout.

Focus. On your way to the gym, think about what you are going to train. Imagine how you're one step closer to getting the body you deserve and how this session is going to help your body change. Perhaps flick through health and fitness magazines to help you focus on how you'd like to look. Psyche yourself up for the session with some good music which you know is going to ignite you for a great workout.

Partner Up. Get a training partner - someone who you can count on to train with you. You're also more like to go to the gym if you know someone is relying on you to be there! If you haven't got one, put up an ad on the noticeboard or ask a friend or fellow workmate if they want to train with you.

Focusing on your sets. Before each set make sure you are doing it correctly. Make sure you have the right grip, body position and stance. Think about the movement before you actually do it and get everything right before you push / pull the weight. This routine will also help you to focus on the specific muscle group you are working on.

Record your progress. It's important to know what you've done so you know where you're going! Try and record most of your weights and reps for each session. This will help you evaluate if your current training regime is keeping you on track for your muscle / strength gains.

Stop the Chatter! You may think you're training hard but you can probably train harder. With a serious training partner who's willing to push you, you could produce extra growth you're wanting. All you need to do is put in more effort by increasing the intensity of your sets or increasing your weights and you'll be surprised by the results. Decreasing the chatter between sets will help you to focus on your sets and prevents your mind from being diverted to other distractions in the gym.

Stay hydrated. Although we are coming into winter, it is still important to drink lots of water while working out. Ideally you should drink at least 1 litre during your workout.

Change your routine. If you feel you are plateauing in your current routine ie if you feel you are not making any more muscle or strength gains then it's probably time for a change. You can do this either by changing the combination of bodyparts you are doing or the number of sets / reps you are doing. If you keep stimulating your muscles then your mind will also stay tuned for the challenge!

Post training Nutrition. For optimum muscle growth it is important to have an easily digestible snack that is high in protein and simple carbohydrates. One serving of high protein drink with an apple is ideal for your post workout meal.

Rest and Recovery. If you are not in pre-contest mode, it is important to get as much rest as possible so your muscles can grow. Increase your carbohydrates and cut back a little on your cardio so your body can use that energy to put into building your muscles. If your muscles are still tired after a couple of days from working out it may be a good idea to take a day off (or two!).

Supplementation. To ensure your body receives the best nutrition for recovery and growth, it is recommended that you use high quality supplements. You don't need a huge concoction of supplements just some good quality Whey Protein to ensure optimum protein synthesis, Glutamine to decrease muscle breakdown and a good multi-vitamin to "fill in the gaps" that may be missing in your diet.

I hope these tips will be helpful in your own Gym routine. 

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If you have further questions please email me at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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