Its been a long time coming but I've finally found my 'zing' to write again, hooray!  Through a combination of health and work factors, I really lost my drive last year to think and do anything. I felt like I just needed to drop out a while and concentrate on myself.  You probably didn't notice as Go Figure was still ticking along but I wasn't really 'present' and interested.  I'm sure everybody goes through that phase but not everyone can do it.

But after working on my health and getting my hormones on track, I feel so much better and have the desire to update the site on various health and fitness issues again.  So what better topic start with this year than motivation!

Luckily I have never lost motivation to train and keep active. In fact it has been my rock during my 'crisis', a mid life crises maybe lol.  But for some of you, you're wondering why you're lacking motivation whether it be in your work and/or fitness life so here are just some of the things I've found to help me get going again. Hope it helps!

Why is it that some days you feel you can do anything? At work, you feel you can conquer any stubborn computer, sort out the most tedious accounts or score that big account. At the gym you can lift the heaviest weights, do 2 full on aerobic classes without building up a sweat or have a great run?

And other days, well, you don't really have the desire even to go for a walk. Sometimes this lethargy lasts a couple of hours. A day. A week. For some maybe longer - but hopefully most of us manage to pull ourselves out of it before it gets too drastic. You don't know why it is but it just is.

Before we get ourselves into a depressed state, let's look at ways we can get ourselves motivated and back into the 'zone' where we can achieve anything.

Change your mind. Change your body.

The human psyche is a complex mind field (pardon the pun). We are influenced by many emotional, physical and psychological factors which affect our motivation level in our daily lives. I don't profess to be an expert in this area and if you feel you need more help with your motivation levels I would recommend you seek the services of professional psychologists as they have spent years studying the human mind. But the following points is what I have found useful to get me out of my rut - which thankfully is over!

Stop! The first thing you should do is stop and take a moment for yourself. Find a relaxing place and sit or go for a stroll. Take a deep breath and think what is causing you to feel like you do. Look at what's happening in your working life, how are you feeling physically? Have you got relationship issues that needs to be sorted? Are there other emotional concerns in your life that is affecting your routine?

Talk about it. Discussing your problems with a friend or confidant can ease your burden greatly. This will also help you analyse the situation and look at the big picture. Have a chat over coffee or taking a leisurely walk with them will make you feel better and get rid of your tension.

Take a break. It may be inconvenient to take a break from your working life but a break from the gym can do you a world of good. This will give your body the chance to recover and enhance your energy levels to tackle other issues in your life. You can still go to the gym but just cut down and be more relaxed about your routine. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa or get a facial. Anything to help you destress!

Clearing the baggage. Once you've cleared your mind of the baggage which has caused your demotivation, it's time to bring your mind back to your physical self.

Focus on your personal fitness. If the reason for your lack of motivation has been caused by your results (or lack of it) in the gym then it's time to look at why you are training in the first place. As we are all individuals, we all have different exercise, fitness and competition goals. Instead of judging yourself against other's performance you should concentrate on the most important person - you! 

Ask yourself d

"Why am I training"  "Am I training to compete? "

"To feel good and better about myself?".

Sure, it would be nice to have the "define" look like the people you see at competitions but remember that is only a moment in time - as usually it is impossible to maintain this look year round. Once you know why you're training, it will be easier to focus on your challenge rather than aiming to be what may not be achievable at this time.

Visualise on what you want to achieve. Imagine how you want to look and work towards achieving that goal. Imagine how you're going to look in that new outfit or get back into that dress you haven't worn since you can't remember when. Maybe visualise how you're going to feel when you can do a whole aerobic class without stopping or do 30 minutes exercise without collapsing into a big heap. Whatever your challenge - remember take small steps at a time.

Be Positive. Once you've decided on your goal. Be positive and do the best you can each day to achieve it. Most importantly be honest with yourself in every aspect of your training.

Look at the BIG picture. Believe it or not training isn't everything. Work isn't everything. You need to find a balance that makes you happy in both realms of your life. As they say "Life is short" so don't get too hung up on the small stuff!

All the best with your New Year!!

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January 2016

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