So you've decided on your goal this year. Some of you have a burning desire to compete in a bodybuilding show while others are going to commit to a new healthy regime which will also get them a new body. While these two challenges are different in their intensity, both will require just as much commitment and dedication to achieve them.  
But first ask yourself. "Why do I want to do it?" The decision to make any serious change must come from inside if you are willing to commit to your new goal.

You might want to do it to prove to yourself that you are capable of such changes and you really do want to transform yourself this year. Whether it be bodybuilding or a bikini body, you have to have a clear plan and the right mind set to act out your desire. Once you have decided why you want to do it, you will need to regularly recall these triggers to keep you focused on your goal.

Like starting any new challenge, you must be prepared to leave your comfort zone and be prepared to give your all to achieve your dream. If bodybuilding, you have to be prepared to live, eat and sleep competition 24 hours, 7 days a week for 3 - 4 months. Along the way you'll to be lured by many temptations and sometimes sidetracked which will test your willpower and mental toughness. This is when you must look inside yourself and remind why you're doing it.

Some cues which could be handy to stay motivated

"What's my goal?" compete in 3 months, look good in a bikini for summer

"How do I want to look on stage?" awesome or just average

"Do I want to look good in a bikini on the beach or not?"

"Why am I training" so I can look good for my goal


And then there's the diet!. Not only do you have to contend with being mentally strong to keep up your training but also dealing with the temptations that comes with being on strict diet. There will be times when your self discpline and focus will be tested as that urge to reach for an ice cream or block of chocolate calls for you. You start to question yourself as to whether all this dieting and training is really worthwhile. Once again you must recall the triggers that got you started on the challenge in first place.

Try some of these dieting cues when you feel the urge to reach for that chocolate bar:

"Would Ms Olympia athletes eat this 6 weeks out from contest?

"Do I want to lose weight?

"Do I want to look hot in a bikini?"

"How will I feel if I ate it"

"Will I feel guilty? Do I want to feel guilty?"

"Will the food still be there after the show?"

There's never just one bite! You may also have some other voices going in your head saying that it's OK to have just a bite. But as you know, there's never just one bite! and quite often you end up eating the whole packet of biscuit or chocolate block because once you start your mind tells you you may as well keep going. So sometimes it's just best not to take a bite at all.
Mind over Body Summary

Whatever the challenge you have in mind for yourself this year make sure you do it with a passion. It's up to you to decide how important it is to compete or have the body you've always wanted. Everybody has the ability to achieve their goals, the difference is 
how much you really want it and how much effort and sacrifice you're willing to give to get it.

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