Back in October 2015 I went along to a Forensic Nutritionist and this is what happened!

With a simple pin prick of my finger and the consequent drop of blood Forensic Nutritionist Garry took from me revealed so many things about my blood under the microscope that was just amazing. 

Garry and Lisa
Firstly its quite surreal to see your blood under the microscope.  It makes you realise this is what you're made of.

Little living cells pumping around your body keeping your immunity in check, regenerating cells to keep you healthy and also the appearance of bad cells that show some parts of you are not so healthy.

You all know about my hormone history.  Low mood, high estrogen, itchy skin, low testosterone, digestive issues, high adrenal.  Well it only took Garry about 15minutes to point all this out just by looking at various cells in blood.  Geez I could've saved myself so much many coming to him first rather than going to my hormone doctor!

He asked me if I had sugar issues.  I said kind of.  I don't usually have sugar (especially not fruit as this send me into a spin) but when I do eat it I get super tired and he could tell from looking at a certain cell that I have carbohydrate metabolism issues and he suggested I took chromium.

I thought chromium was one of those fad supplements that people take to cure their sugar craving but he said in my case I probably have higher requirement for chromium.  So I'm definitely going to look into that.

Ouch!                                    And this is what real live living cells look like!

In my last update I talked about sorting out my digestion and bad parasites that were living in my gut.  Even though I'm shovelling bugs into my body, I'm still not having enough acidophilus etc as his investigations are showing I still have a flora imbalance.  So the amounts I'm taking are still not enough so I'm going to have to double it and get some good bacteria happening so I feel happier.  He noticed spots on my skin and I told him that I can't seem to get rid of them and he said this is a gut issue and I maybe Vitamin A deficient as well.

Talking about itchiness, its just not from my gut.  The microscope also revealed a heap of histamines in between my cells which means something environmental is causing me some upset as well.  I think its definitely the pollen as I've been itchy for a few weeks now.  When I take some claretine it goes away but I only take it if I have a really bad day.

Even though the cells show a hormone imbalance he said its not actually that bad.  I'm missing a few key essential macros which he's prescribed me a few supplements for which hopefully will help me especially in relation to training and recovery.

All in all, it was the best 45min I'd spent and learned so much about myself and looking at the smaller picture (ie blood) about all the little things I've overlooked so that I can get the big picture of health.

If you get the chance to chat to a person like Garry, go for it as it definitely gives you an insight to how you tick!


p.s Thanks so much Kirsty McKelvie at Hardy's North West for organising this for me.  Made my day!

Hormone Issue Update 12 January 2016!
The change in my health has been amazing since visiting Garry 3 months ago. I have so much more energy, less fatigue and no energy crash in the afternoon. Something I didn't think I would be saying a year ago!

He recommended 3 simple things according to what he saw I was lacking in blood.   These were chromium, Vitamin B12 and PSP (which helps with hormone balance).  Not sure if PSP helped but I know chromium and B12 have definitely given me that oomph I needed and no crashes in the afternoon.

He also recommended that I upped my probiotics so that I could get my blood to a more alkaline state which ultimately helps to balance my hormone issues.   Through the above combo I feel the chemical imbalance that may have been affecting my state of mind, has evened out and I'm a more motivated, focused and happy person.

Now not everyone is going to get the same results if they took the above supplements as it really depends on the individual's blood profile. 

I'm thinking about organising Garry to come to Auckland so that I can get a group of women together who'd like the test done.

If you're keen to get this done email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I think it would definitely give you a headstart to the new year and takes the guess work out of your supplement regime!

12 January 2016

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