Well here goes my first progress report....gulp.  Its pretty tough doing a makeover challenge and even more so doing it in front of a few hundreds and sometimes thousands people.  And being a PT and all, my body was/is definitely on the line for something to happen and thank goodness there was a result.

Pleased to say I lost 1/2kg! Was 60kg on 7 Jan and now 59.5kg on 14 Jan. Also glad to say that I've lost some padding off the two main areas I want to.  Around belly button was 33" and now 30 ¾" and around hips was 38", now 37 ¾".  I've got a wide hips - yes very curvy I am - so I don't think that figure is going to go down that much. 
Lisa, not just a makeover challenge, a constant weighing
and cooking challenge!

So what's my initial strategy to lose weight? Well a lot of hard work all round really.  Firstly the cardio.  I've been putting a lot of effort to get my A into G and get myself up and at'em every morning doing my cardio. 

I get bored doing cardio so tried not to do the same thing twice in a row each morning.

Monday: I did interval walk/jog for 30mins,
Tuesday: was interval bike 20min then took Trixie for 30min walk,
Wed: Hillish walk 45min
Thurs: same as Tues
Fri: Tried to jog but joints didn't like it so biked then walked with Trix
Sat: Walked 10min to stairs at local reserve where dogs are allowed off leash.  So while I lunged up and down stairs for about 20min, Trix was my partner and went up and down with me or went AWOL in bush for a while.  Then walked home.  So a good 45min cardio before brekky. Rest of Sat was vegging out.
Sun:  Wanted to veg out but have my longstanding commitment to Trixie and Kayla and their Sunday morning walks at Waitakere stadium so burned 50min there.

So phew! No wonder some fat melted off me.

Ofcourse you can't do a makeover without making a commitment to dieting.  All I seem to be doing these days is buying chicken or fish, kumera, cooking and weighing everything!  but I didn't weigh things before and ate how ever much I felt like having within reason. 

Generally my diet is pretty clean but I do have things that I'm allergic to and makes me hold water, which makes me less efficient...and more tired to train properly. 
Plus I love convenience as I hate cooking usually, no I don't mean eat takeaways all the time but things like having Kaweka pre packed meals, frozen Rosco chicken and meat patties, 90sec sunrice brown rice reheat packets.  All these things I know aren't too good for my system but I'm just lazy! Gosh that sounds terrible coming from a PT but I didn't eat them all the time.

Other food taken out of my diet: rice flakes for breakfast, rice, apple, chicken thighs ( mmm much tastier than chicken breast), most dairy but still have a little yoghurt and cottage cheese, carbs at night, magnum once a week, usually eat out thai or chinese once a week so that's gone for the moment.

So what what have I got left???!!!  Well not much really but I'm feeling good and heaps better without additives in my body.

Currently my diet is:
meal 1: egg whites, kumera
meal 2: tuna and rice wafers or shake and kumera if training
meal 3: fish, kumera, veg
meal 4: egg whites, almonds or or tuna and wafers or shake and kumera if training in arvo
meal 5: fish/salmon or chicken breast, veg
meal 6: shake + 1/4 hplc bar if really hungry

Plus there's the supplements: flax oil, omega fish oil, protein powder, vitamin C, glutamine, kyodophilus, BCAAs, chromium. 

For the past week I just wanted to find a baseline which my body can function without getting too exhausted or will crave anything. For the moment I'm leaving red meat out as fish and chicken seems to be getting the weight off.  I still have plenty of carbs as there's no point in cutting them out too much because I need energy to train. So far so good, I'm a wee bit hungry in the arvo but nothing I can't get over.  Mentally I'm in a good zone so as long as eat regularly and take supplements things should still be ticking along.  I'm not taking thermos or other fat loss supplements at the mo but will do probably next week to see how much I can rev things up.

Training wise, before going into the challenge have just been doing 4 days training in the afternoon. Mon: Chest, Tri, Tues: Legs, Wed: rest, Thurs: Back, bi, Fri: Delts, biceps.  But since I want to rev things up I have increased frequency of bodyparts.  My body can handle quite abit of training I think, we'll see! 

So training is: Mon: Chest, Delts, Bicep. Tues: Legs, Back, Tricep.
Wed: Rest but cardio
Thus and Fri repeat Mon, Tues but ofcourse different exercise and rep range to prevent overtraining or injury.

There you go, one week down.  7 to go!!!  Hopefully another positive report next week.  In meantime, I do write on the messageboard daily so feel free to pop in there to make sure I've been sticking to my plan.

Happy training!

p.s don't waste time thinking about joining the 8 week challenge, do it now and make the change with me!!

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