Two weeks down but it seems like forever! My training and eating regime has been great and nothing's a hassel. A good space to be and it showed on the scales thank goodness.  Today I just dipped under 59, 58.98 so all the 8s must be a good sign eh?!!  Have shaved 1/2 inch off my waist and hips so no wonder my pants were a little loose lately.

You can check out how I'm looking and find out what I'm doing to get the weight off in Episode 2 at Go Figure TV here. Sorry I'll probably look abit tired and watery but you get the idea of what's going on ....or off anyway!
Lisa 2 weeks down
The biggest influence on my energy this week has been THAT time of the month - block your ears and eyes guys! - but I won't talk about that straight away.  Check out bottom of page to find out how I got through the tiredness and cravings. You know what I mean girls!!

 Sample Image But first let's talk about chicken.  I'm really struggling to like chicken at the moment. I've only had about 5 chicken meals in 2 weeks. I know, I prescribe chicken in my clients diet and I do try to have chicken in my diet too but I really don't like chicken too much.  Is anyone else out there doesn't like chicken?  Not sure if its the way I cook it but its a struggle chewing through it. No matter how much salsa or green curry I use to cover it, the texture of chicken just doesn't agree with me.  Plus I don't like cutting and chewing through chunks of chicken.   

The kind of chicken I do like is 'Larb Gai', which is a thai dish made with minced chicken, chilli, coriander, lime and not sure what else but I could eat that every meal so I might have to find out how its done.  I have tired to make it but just doesn't taste as good as a bought one.  Or Maree our resident chef!!  can you trial it as one of your recipes please and save my tastebuds and make me believe in chicken again!!  

Instead of chicken I've been mainly having white fish in the form of orange roughy or dory fillets and salmon.  Which is adding up to be quite an expensive food bill considering the price of fish these days.  But the way I figure it is that if I'm limited to a few foods then I'm going to have the food I darn well enjoy!  afterall I don't really spend much on anything else and my body is important!!   as much as I love fish, its getting boring too.  So I'll have to be more creative and maybe make some fish pie - does anyone have a good recipe that's easy?

Other than that the diet is going well although I'm feeling my metabolism adjusting to the calories so will have to do some ambush calories to keep my body ticking along so will throw in some extra carbs every other day.

  Training's going great and have been training more at the Environment Gym in Penrose, I thought it makes more sense to train here since I'm training more people there.  Usually I train at Les Mills city.  The Environment is a good training environment for me as I feel quite relaxed and stress free, plus with Tony and Elle always milling about with their clients I feel I have to lift more!!  so I usually put on a few extra kgs on the barbell when they're around.

Have been training with the Go Figure I.T guy and whipping him into shape as well.   I think he's finding it alot more difficult to push weights rather than pushing his mouse around the computer! but he's going good and can almost lift as heavy as me :), just kidding I.T guy.  We've been training consistantly for the past couple of weeks and its amazing what having a training partner does to my training.  I've been able to lift heavier knowing I've got a spotter - although he has alot to learn about spotting which I'm sure he'll learn in time - to push through the heavy weights.  With the extra weights, there's also the extra tiredness I'm feeling generally and in my joints, must be all the excitement of doing a challenge.  So I think we'll review our weight training splits so that we won't wear ourselves out too much and be able to last 8 weeks.

Sample Image  That time of the month (and how to curb craving) tips
The other factor that has given more joint and achiness is its been THAT time of the month for me this past week.  Its made me a little more tired so haven't pushed myself too hard with intense cardio as my VO2 seems to just do a divebomb during this time.  So cardio has been alot more walking alternated with shorter 25-30mins biking.  I've increased my protein intake slightly as having extra protein will take the edge off your cravings. 

Tip: Sugar cravings are usually sign you need more protein. Thankfully there hasn't been too many cravings but after dinner there has been the sweet tooth so I've been having diet tonic water with ice which takes the edge off or Jarrah Chocollatte has also helped.  But I find the sugar (although artificial in Jarrah) makes me titchy and abit moody so sugar even if its not real does much me up!! Plus I've made sure I've been having the fish oil which helps decrease stress levels.  So girls, make sure you have your fish oils and it'll help you not get so stressed or moody.   

I'm looking forward to the next week once I get the last draining week out of the way!  I've felt very watery and bloated and don't look very good.  I know its only water weight but still, doesn't do your head very good eh after all the effort you put in!

see ya next week!

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